Why Social Welfare Hurts God

Why Social Welfare Hurts God

Social Welfare

Acts 15:29 You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things

I think there’s been only one other time when i’ve been political on this blog. But, to be honest, if there’s one thing i love discussing – it’s politics. Quite frankly, the political arena is truly a battleground that i’ve tried to avoid on the blog. That’s because I will probably make more enemies than i would friends. I don’t know if i could describe my beliefs with simply categorizing myself as a democrat, republican, libertarian, green party, or tea party. I mean let’s ask ourselves, who doesn’t believe in fiscal conservatism? Who doesn’t believe in liberty and privacy? Who doesn’t believe in being stewards of the earth? Who doesn’t believe in taking care of the poor? And who isn’t frustrated with government red tape?

I’m not here to tell you to vote for one party or the other. Quite frankly, i see one party taking us off the cliff on high-speed rail, and the other party taking us in the same exact direction, but in a locomotive.

I was thinking to myself the other day, that if i were to run for political office, could i really get very far while trying to practice biblical principles? I’m not saying that i’m trying to force religious rituals upon people such as prayer in public schools, and ten commandments in government buildings, etc. I’m just saying can i be honest and sincere, always placing God in the forefront of the decisions i would make as a politician? I don’t know about you, but i would find it shocking if there was proof of a single politician in the three branches that wakes up every morning and seeks God in prayer and word. I just find it hard to believe that.

I’m saying all this to explain that i’m not a brainwashed drone marching the tune of a certain political party. My number one agenda is the glorification of God. That is all.

Many people would look at my headline and pin me as a cold-hearted, evil person who just wants to see old people and babies die in the cold of winter. Just because i am against government run social welfare, does not mean that i don’t place that responsibility upon the shoulders upon a separate ‘organization’. The ‘organization’ i’m referring to is the Church.

What does the Bible Say?

I’m not sure where some of you get the idea that it’s the government’s responsibility to care for these social issues? Have you not read the bible? Are you that ignorant? The obvious response is that somebody has to do it if the Church doesn’t. So just let God’s people off the hook that easy? We’ve given up that battle and gave the responsibility to the Government. I bet some of you even are angry about how the Church spends their money and also both ranting about how the Government needs to also be in charge of social welfare.

I don’t know how you can be mad at both the Church and the government for not helping the poor? Well, make up your mind you bipolar, schizophrenic moron!!! Whose job is it to take care of the poor, please decide. Either be mad at the government or be mad at the Church. Don’t just make your decision based on Freudian or Keynesian economics. We deserve sound, biblical logic.

You can read example after example in scripture about whose responsibility social welfare falls upon. The biggest mistake isn’t the fact that you don’t realize that the Church is responsible for social welfare, but the fact that you don’t realize how you destroy God’s reputation.

Can Matthew 10:42 make it any clear about taking care of the poor and how it can be a form of evangelism? Do you want to give a cup of cold water in the name of government or would you like to provide water in the name of Jesus?

Are We Worshipping little ‘g’ or big ‘G’?

It’s obvious to me that this nation looks to the little ‘g’ (government) to serve it’s needs and ignores the big “G”. Our society no longer has a need to hear stories about the living bread or everlasting water if there is no bread and water at the Master’s table.

Now, the poor and hungry are seeking the food and provision found at the tables of other gods.

Some believers out there are crying out at the government for their over-involvement in social affairs and yet you are satisfied with the under-involvement within our Church. Better yet, you are crying for more donations in the offering plates, and more spending by the Church. You make me want to vomit even more. You have lusted after the riches of this world, and probably the only reason why you cry against the government is because the government is getting all the credit for helping others instead of the Church.

How dare you hate social, government welfare and yet be satisfied with the mere pennies that leave the coffers of the Church. You are the moron that has brought higher taxes, fraud, Godlessness, and laziness to our society.

There is a reason why the apostles pleaded with the people to not eat the food offered to idols. Was the food different? Was it poisoned? Was God going to be mad if they ate it? I think we all know the answer is, No. But what kind of testimony would it be if believers were seeking a basic necessities apart from the Church? If i believed the love of God was upon the Church and yet sought out food offered at another table, wouldn’t you consider me a hypocrite?

Obviously the people who were eating meat sacrificed to false gods were poor and needed some sort of relief. From what i’ve read elsewhere, this food was given at a reduced price. It’s not that the apostles wanted the poor to starve or pay full price for their food. It’s not that they wanted to push old people off the cliff. It’s not that they harbored animosity towards ‘underprivileged’ people. It was a decision that was made based upon principle.

What do you think? Can social welfare run by the government instead of God’s people hurt or help God’s cause?

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3 comments on “Why Social Welfare Hurts God
  1. Christina says:

    I’ve been searching for clear answers on this vary debate. I am a new Christian who is still learning how to be a Christian and one who has taken advantage (not for granted) of social services in order to get by and provide for my children and am currently going to college by way of government grants and student loans. As I learn it is not government’s responsibility I question the idea that the Church or business really cares about the problems of society. The Church seems to be more focused on missions in other countries while the statistics show a decline in Christianity here in our own country.

    It seems like businesses have proven time and time again they don’t care about anything other than their bottom line. So, if we limit the power (and obligation) of the government where will people turn? I do agree that people need to learn to be more self-reliant and this is not something that mere handouts (from Church or government) are going to teach.

    My fear is that if we eliminate or reduce taxation that business will not use that extra money to create jobs or affordable benefits (to replace medical assistance) to help people be more self-reliant but they will divvy out the money in the form of dividends and bonuses.

    While I see the importance of government not having this power or obligation I don’t see it changing any time soon until people can learn to trust business and Church. Without welfare people need jobs. We need jobs that provide on-the-job training rather than requiring expensive college degrees. It seems – that all the jobs that don’t require an expensive college education require years of experience – where can a person get experience without opportunity? The challenge is creating an environment where people can trust business and Church.

    Please note that I use the word “seems” a lot. The ideas may not be factual but this “seems” to be the opinion of many and questions of my own.

    We created this society of dependency on welfare – the church wants to create a society of dependency on God – which is not a bad thing however, we also need to teach and encourage people to become self-reliant as well.

    People dependent on welfare are like junkies dependent on drugs – we can’t just cut them off. We have to be able to wean them off or there could be devastating consequences. I hear a lot of people complaining but hear no solutions. I am currently working on a possible solution to at least part of a huge problem but am not ready to share it yet.

    I would also like to point out the difference between being dependant on welfare and taking advantage of it to move beyond welfare. It is a difference in attitude which creating an environment of trust towards business and church will change.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your article. I am a bit confused with this part though – “Better yet, you are crying for more donations in the offering plates, and more spending by the Church. You make me want to vomit even more. You have lusted after the riches of this world, and probably the only reason why you cry against the government is because the government is getting all the credit for helping others instead of the Church.”
    If there isn’t more donations in the offering plate how can the church help feed the poor other through spiritual food? Spiritual food doesn’t feed the belly.

    • Jared Brian says:

      Thanks for your comment. i really did enjoy it. I will address the last part you were confused about. Churches constantly are crying for more donations saying that with more $, then more could be done to help the poor. The problem i see is that the Church doesn’t need more. In our own personal lives we’ve all stated that if i only made more $, then we could do . . . . . But in our hearts we know that more money just means that we will spend more.

      Statistics state churches spend 85% of their offerings on internal operations. While an average of 2% goes to overseas missions. Overall, 103 BILLION dollars had been given to religious organizations. In 2007 370 Billion (that’s B-illion, with a ‘B’) was given to ‘christian’ causes. It is also estimated that only 3% of Church donations goes towards aiding non-christians.

      These stats just frustrate the baloney out of me. So you were confused probably because i was thinking about these statistics in the bank of my mind during my rant, while not clearly articulating what i’m thinking.

      My overall point is that the Church doesn’t need more money. We have plenty of it, it’s just that we are not good stewards of it.

      – jared

  2. Matthew says:

    While I find it refreshing to find someone who is politically and economically aligned with my own beliefs, I must question the tone of this rant. Surely you can speak to more people by toning down on the namecalling… “bipolar, schizophrenic moron… you make me want to vomit…” I could almost hear R. Lee Ermey barking. Political conversations tend to bring out the worst in us, seeing what a dismal future our government seems to be headed for. However, I see your point and I agree. One cannot blame the church for not helping enough AND blame the government for not giving enough. As Americans, it is our duty to help those who are hungry, sick, and weary. As Christians, it is our duty to do the same. And as Christian Americans, we must look to everybody as though they are our family. We are citizens of the greatest nation on this planet, and children of the Greatest Father in the universe. That’s why I answered the question “Whose Responsibility” with Family/Community.

    Please stop calling your brother’s and sisters “morons” and stop vomiting all over the place. You’re not really sick, you just ate too many Doritos with all that Kool-Aid.

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