Bible Verses About Tithing


Here is a list of all the bible verses from the Old and New Testament that are about tithing.

  • Genesis 14:20 – In this bible verse, Melchizedek comes out to meet Abraham, as Abraham gives him a tithe of the spoils of his victory.
  • Genesis 28:20-22 – After the vision of God’s renewed covenant, Jacob initiates a covenant with God vowing to give him a tithe of what he receives from the promised land.
  • Leviticus 27:30-32 – The specifications of tithing is introduced into the law of Moses.
  • Numbers 18:20-32 – The tithe is dedicated the Levites for the work in the tabernacle.
  • Deuteronomy 12:5-11 – God gives instructions for what to do with the tithe once Israel crosses the Jordan.
  • Deuteronomy 14:22-29 – God gives instructions on how to disperse and exchange the tithe.
  • Deuteronomy 26:12-15 – God gives instructions on how Israel should sanctify the tithe before they can ask for a blessing.
  • 2 Chronicles 31:5-12 – The children of Israel do what’s right under the reign of Hezekiah, and bring the tithes to the designated places.
  • Nehemiah 10:37-38 – Israel obeys God and brings the tithes to the storehouse.
  • Nehemiah 12:44 – Officers were appointed to watch over the tithes in the storehouse.
  • Nehemiah 13:5-12 – Nehemiah cleanses the storehouse and kicks Tobiah out of the room that was designated to store the tithe. He then restores order.
  • Amos 4:4 – God commands Israel to bring back the tithe and reiterates the curse that is upon them if they don’t.
  • Malachi 3:8-10 – God reprimands Israel for not delivering the tithe, and reiterates the blessings and curse that would be in result of whatever decision they chose.
  • Matthew 23:23 – Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for not obeying the weightier matters of the law along with tithing.
  • Luke 11:42 – A parallel bible verse of Matthew 23:23 as Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for not obeying the weightier matters of the law along with tithing.
  • Luke 18:12 – A Pharisee brags about his obedience to the law and tithing.
  • Hebrews 7:5-9 – Abraham’s tithe is used to illustrate a change concerning the priesthood.

There are many other bible verses that relate to giving and offerings, but the ones above strictly relate to tithing.

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  1. Murutwo wa Jesu says:

    My Dear Brethren,
    The following excerpt promises blessings to those who are generous to the poor.
    Deuteronomy 15:7-11
    7“If there is among you a poor man of your brethren, within any of the gates in your land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart nor shut your hand from your poor brother, 8“but you shall open your hand wide to him and willingly lend him sufficient for his need, whatever he needs. 9“Beware lest there be a wicked thought in your heart, saying, ‘The seventh year, the year of release, is at hand,’ and your eye be evil against your poor brother and you give him nothing, and he cry out to the LORD against you, and it become sin among you. 10“You shall surely give to him, and your heart should not be grieved when you give to him, because for this thing the LORD your God will bless you in all your works and in all to which you put your hand. 11“For the poor will never cease from the land; therefore I command you, saying, ‘You shall open your hand wide to your brother, to your poor and your needy, in your land.”
    So why don’t we hear it being preached as much as Malachi 3:10?
    Dagirathi, Murutwo wa Jesu

    • Sevent of Jesus the Christ says:

      I think tithing is a silly tradition, promoted in churches, by the greed of their own success. How many millions do the famous pastors really need? They encourage people to tithe, in hopes to simulate the peoples own greed and it works. Give more so that God will give more, they preach, so the people give. Blind guides, we should not want riches on earth but only in heaven. The people pass up the homeless on the street and the widows, orphans, hospitalized and jail mates and say, The good that I could have done to you, is promised to the church… Hypocrites!

      • erin michelle says:

        actually i used to believe that same lie you’re referring to. Look if you don’t want to give it to a church give it to a different god related organization. It’s not about giving to pastors and churches. It’s about having faith in God. Malachi 3:10: Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.

        • Jeffrey Morales says:

          I just wanted to say tithing is Good and pleases God, it’s like a good deed. Obeying the ten commandment and loving him is mandatory and we have to repent for transgressing them. He loves everyone the same sinner or saint, giver or taker. God’s peace

          • Patricia says:

            why isn’t circumcision or food laws enforced in the church today? They’re also taught in scripture. Because preachers can’t get rich off those things.

          • Patricia says:

            why aren’t circumcision or food laws enforced in the church today? They’re also taught in scripture. Because preachers can’t get rich off those things.

      • Lance Carter says:

        Lusting after money corrupts both the individual and the church. I have no problem giving. I do have to be careful where it goes. We are to be good stewards of our resources. If I am giving my money to someone who is fleecing God’s lambs that does no good to further the Church. However if I am giving to further the work of the Gospel them I am greatly honored to be a part of that work.

      • GrammieOf47 says:

        That’s why tithing should be paid only to the true Church of Jesus Christ. It is thehe Church that has no paid clergy and all funds go to the building up of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

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  4. JB says:

    Jesus said.. God is looking for someone to worship him in truth and spirit. Jesus also said..give unto Ceasers what is Ceasers and give unto God what is Gods!! Money dosent fit that bill. So help others and give ur Time which cant be replaced.If u seek money then ur of this world and not of the Kingdom!

  5. Why don’t we see more blogs on whether CIRCUMCISION is still binding on the church? Preachers dig up any parts of the Old Law that make them money, and to be sure, if a few pennies could be made off circumcision, you’d hear a sermon on it every week and all the males of the congregation would head for the hills!

    • Lainii87 says:

      Tithing is NOT about making money for preachers. Any pastor who teaches it this way is just wrong. Tithing is about being grateful to our Father who has Blessed us and out of a heart of love and devotion to HIM wanting to give back to Him by sowing into His kingdom and what is important to Him. It is Blessing God and in return He will surely Bless us. I am so sick of people looking at the tithe as some drudgery “have to because a preacher said so” kind of thing. The simple fact of tithing is GIVE if you feel grateful to God for what He has Blessed you with and you want to show Him honor by giving back and don’t give if you view it as a chore or some kind of “duty tax” All this arguing back and forth about do I HAVE to pay tithe or not is just really ridiculous. Tithing won’t get you to heaven and not tithing won’t send you to hell so why do you argue about it? It is a personal choice we all honor and thank God or not. We don’t live under the law…Jesus came to fulfill the law. If you don’t want to tithe…don’t. But if you don’t SOW then don’t complain when there is nothing to reap!

      • john says:

        being a member of the body of christ , i always go to john 3:16 were it says “God so loved the world”, that,s us in a fallen state, “that he GAVE”… you know the rest.

        I really believe that giving from the heart is what he is looking for. That,s what he did. Giving from the heart, not the head, enables us to really be the cheerful giver we are supposed to be. The tithing I have done is nothing compared to the offerings I have given,at church or elsewhere. To be moved to compassion for a certain situation , is really God speaking to us. Its not a formula, but an existence.
        I too believe that tithing is really not commanded in the new testament but I know that giving from the heart, things that the tithe could never touch , is the true lifestyle of the Kingdom of God.
        If I were a church Pastor, I would keep my focus on offerings from the heart. No pressure, no guilt, no formula. Just give as He directs, to where he directs. Its really refreshing.
        The results might surprise you.. I,m watching it happen to others.

      • Emmanuel Mnahela says:

        Not paying tith is disobeying God, according to malach chapter 3. Thus it can block the entrance gate of heaven.

  6. JB says:

    LOL!!! very true.The problem is that most everyone is Religous which is alot different then a personal relationship with Christ.

    • Miriam says:


  7. David says:

    It better we stop all this argument because God himself is reading all this quotes and replys.let just obey his word as the bible direct it better we keep our mouth shot and let hope to see God give us the right answer on the judgement day.this argument will not lead us anywhere God know best for us.stay bleesed.

  8. Mike says:

    That which the law requires, grace inspires to do so much more.

  9. Only the ten per cent figure is seized on, the rest of the law is ignored, like giving ALL the tithe to the poor every three years, letting the tither buy wine or strong drink with tithe money (Deut.14:26), and many other laws preachers NEVER mention! I wonder why.

    • Lainii87 says:

      Because we are no longer living under the covenant of law. We do not tithe because it is “the law”..we tithe to sow back to God a portion of what He has given to us. We are through Jesus now under the NEW covenant of Grace.

      • Patricia says:

        The apostles never taught tithing. Read through all the NT epistles written to the churches. No one is ever rebuked for forgetting to tithe on their paycheck anymore than they’re rebuked for not offering an animal on the altar. Some people are deep in debt or living on disability. The church should be giving to them, not the other way around. Other people donate time and labor to the church. But I guess that doesn’t count. MONEY is the green lifeblood of the modern apostate institutional church. You could clean every toilet, polish every pew, babysit the pastor’s kids till kingdom come and you would still “owe” cash for your free salvation! Tithe collecting preachers don’t value work, prayer, or personal evangelism like they do the green stuff which ensures they dont have to bust their own butt at some lousy job.

  10. pfire252 says:

    John Wesley’s sermon
    “Use Of Money”

  11. Joshua says:

    Let us all do our best to follow the Messiah. In doing so, we will obey God’s commandments, and we will do as the Messiah said and as He did.

    Our Father has given His Son as an atonement sacrifice for our iniquities.. so let us respond to Him in love with obedience to His Unchanging Word. We know that the Bible tells us that if we love Him, we will obey Him, and we know that sin is the transgression of God’s Law (1 John 3:4). So let us search God’s Word and obey Him with a joyful heart, as He is so gracious, merciful and kind, despite the fact that we don’t deserve it.

    Instead of taking other people’s word on things, I suggest we just take God’s Word literally, and follow the old WWJD concept. Messiah would never teach to disobey God’s Unchanging Word, for He Himself obeyed it, as He was sinless, and He did not come to abolish God’s Law. When in doubt, I recommend you try out for yourselves things in question and consider what Our Master did. I can only speak for myself, and the more I conform my life to the Word (such as only eating clean, observing God’s Appointed Times, etc), the more rich and alive my life and my relationship with Him, as well as my understanding of His Word becomes.

    In the end, I think you will find yourself living a much different life than most modern Christians live, if you forsake everything in order to obey God and live like the Messiah did.

    May YHWH bless you all abundantly.

    Sent with Love.

    • Nicole says:

      I very much admire your mature comment and personal understanding of God’s law.
      I wholeheartedly appreciate your recognition that modern Christian’s have strayed from what it truly means to be a follower of the Messiah.
      I lost my faith for many years because of the poor examples and treatment I got from fellow “Christians.” Your response gives me hope for the Christian religion, which unfortunately is too often poorly represented by those who don’t fully understand it and who don’t read and study the Bible.

  12. ridgebax says:

    The Church (whichever one you attend) is not God, it’s a business just like the Goverment so keep on debating but paying a church 10% is just a tax.Share love and respect for people and help people when you can, buy some homeless guy a meal and that is what He wanted.

    • GrammieOf43 says:

      ridgebax, you are exactly right except for one huge thing: All the churches ARE man’s, and it wasn’t until the Lord restored his true church and gospel upon the earth that any of them had any authority or priesthood power. Now it’s up to you to find His church by humbling yourself and praying until you receive the promptings you need to find His church. If you are evil and unrepentant, you won’t find it. One hint is that it’s all over the earth searching out the righteous.

    • Delores says:

      Amen to that, coz some churches don’t do that we give and give to the church but what does the church give…We have people in this country that need food, shelter, water lites and we running to other countries supplying them God wants us to know he resides in us each of us and we are to take care of us, a building can’t help me, U are the kingdom of god he resides in you….

    • FP says:

      And how exactly do you think a church would be able to send missionaries, open orphanages in poor countries, feed the poor, spread the the good news of the Gospel to the 4 corners of the world if it wasn’t for church goers tithing?

      • GrammieOf47 says:

        FP a church could not send missionaries, help the poor and needy nor spread the good news of the Gospel to the four corners of the world without faithful members paying their full thithing.

      • Debra says:

        Giving freely covers all this!

  13. RedFox says:

    Does anyone have thoughts on 1 Corinthians 9:14? Paul’s argument that “….those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.” Doesn’t this imply that we need to give from our own possessions in order to support those in ministry that don’t have any other form of income? Call it what you may (giving/tithing)….the resources have to come from someone who is willing to give.

    • herb says:

      amen to redfox God will honour those who honor his word .

    • Chris says:

      Hi Redfox

      The important things about any verse is to read it in context…starting at vs 1. Paul is speaking about the rights of APOSTLES…ie sent out ones…or missionaries and NOT resident preachers.

      The right paul addresses in vs 4 confirms that he is addressing the ‘right to EAT and DRINK’…not the right to be paid a salary….or receive money from ‘tithes’

      This is confirmed in the ‘first mention’ of the reward which APOSTLES only could expect and then only when they travelled. Mat 10:10…’the worker is worthy of his KEEP’…ie FOOD and not money … not mammon…and certainly not a ‘paid full-time career’

      • brian says:

        There will always be Christians who don’t give and will argue why we don’t have to. “live of the gospel” is talking about support of pastors as well. I pastored for eight years and worked a job and tithed and more just so the lights were on at the church. To many Christians want the church building, Sunday school, programs, worship services and a pastor to teach, visit hospital, council late at night in crisis, funeral, weddings and the list goes on………..for free. God never changes, his way is still through the tithe and some are more generous than that. My children and wife missed having a large part of me do to working and patoring. Those who say that’s old testament law, so is the ten commandments, oh how about the laws on who not to have sex with, the new never says you can’t sleep with your sister, so is it ok?………Most non giving Christians have a more things they don’t do. In the end you do or don’t do what ever pleases your flesh that between you and God. However, you have no authority to lead others to ignore Gods word, Old or New Testament and to believe yours.

    • Chris says:

      RedFox the scripture you quote does not refer to pastors…it refers to travelling ministers ie apostoles. Those who are SENT out. It also does not refer to them being paid a salary or collecting money to build buildings…but to them being given food and accommodation. The only wages Jesus ever said apostles could receive are defined in Mat 10:10 (first mention) as related to ‘keep’. Even Luke 10:1-7 refers to ‘sent out ones’ being allowed to receive food and accommodation as ‘wages’. It never refers to them collecting money.
      This is confirmed as the early church’s practice in 3 John 7

  14. Dino says:

    Hi I am doing the tittes and offering this Sunday @ church it’s going be my first ever and I need help I need a good bible verse and the meaning of the verse please help thanks.

  15. I don’t think tithing should be a debate. When you give to the Church, you give to God and by your tithing you show your faith. I too have not much to give but I trust in the Lord. We all should be obedient and tithe. It is only those who try to use logic to understand a Christ and what it means to be a Christian and why we do things the way we do. If people do not want to tithe, that is simply their choice but as for me, I will listen to God.

    God bless everyone

    • Wish we didn’t have to debate about tithing, but the truth of the matter is that people’s hearts are under bondage. People’s budgets are under bondage.

    • Debra says:

      The conflict is that tithes is not a part of the New Covenant. If it is then there a great contradiction as to when people come to the church for help, and financial need and can only get a few dollars after they have sown hundreds and hundreds. Their need is not necessarily met.

      From studying and close observation of the Scriptures thus far, I can truely say that for 35 years I tithed because I was taught to from early on after I was Born Again. However, I have never seen it taught for the New Testatment Church!

      I decided to stop tithing and just start freely giving and helping financially in situations where I feel by the Holy Spirit.

      Also, a young minister was dragged out of my home church in front of his 2 crying and scard children because he wrote a book which brought out all the Scriptures on church tithing. His license was taken away from him etc…. All because he wrote a book which he was lead to write after much resistance.

      That really bothered me too! That was wrong!

      So that’s where I am right now!

  16. Patricia says:

    Preachers can’t appeal to any instructions from Paul or other apostles, or even Jesus himself to pay preachers ten per cent of monetary paychecks. Preachers have to isolate scriptures from their context, or appeal to second-or third-hand reasoning to ADD TO God’s word in order to bilk Christians out of their money through guilt tactics.

  17. Peter Mokete Malatji says:

    thanks for the information about tithing. May God provide more space for your success, in Jesus Name.

  18. Yapheyah Ari-el says:

    U see, dats d problem with d world today, dats why d people are getting more lawless by the day. If u claim 2 b a child of yahweh who is being led by his spirit then u should have learnt 2 Obey his command without asking 4 reasons or bringing in earthly human logic. Pay ur tithes and leave the rest to yahweh or do not and continue 2 remain a spiritual and physical pauper. ‘GRACE’ cannot cover u when u deliberately break d law 4 ur selfish purpose!

    • Debra says:

      We are not a part of the law; that was fulfilled in Jesus Christ! That is where the argument is. The New Testament teaches giving not tithing as under the Old Covenant!

  19. christine yenga says:

    Tithing is not debatable. I will give an example, if I had ten cobs of maize and gave them to someone and ask them cook them and just give me two cobs out of the ten they will prepare and allow them to eat the remaining 8. They cook and eat everything including the two. I hope you get my point right.

    God bless you all

  20. Regardless of the motivation, tithing was NEVER commanded by Paul or any apostle to the New Testament Church. Jesus never took tithes from the poor people He ministered to. Galatians and Acts 15 make it perfectly clear Gentiles weren’t commanded to keep the Law, and if you do you’re in danger of falling from the grace of God, and come under the curse of the Law for failure to keep it perfectly. Where is the third-year poor tithe for the poor, and the festival tithe eaten by the worshipper (Deut.14:26)? If you don’t keep the many ordinances with help make up that law of tithing, you’re breaking it. There are other ways to support the true works of God. If you want a fancy church, and 24/7 pastoral care, you need to be prepared to pay for it. If you can’t afford a 5-star hotel room, camp out in a tent. It’s cheaper. You get what you pay for. If that preacher has to work crazy hours caring for his flock he doesn’t have time or energy left for a secular job, and should be supported strictly by freewill offerings according to ability to pay. But if you can’t afford your church, go somewhere cheaper or start your own prayer group.

  21. walter jerry looken says:

    let all of us fear the lord. and depend on him with all our heart.

  22. pastor alex says:

    The new covenant doesn’t require us to follow the rules of the Old Covenant. Which is why so many millions of faithful people in denominations and churches that are striving to be faithful do not. But that’s a different web page, I think. However, it includes a mandatory tithing of 10%.

    That’s probably the “good news” if you don’t want to give away your Time, Talent and Treasure. The bad news is that Jesus strongly indicates that you need to not give away a fixed percent so much as an amount that keeps you free from greed, possessiveness, covetousness, etc. For some this may be more than 10% – for some people who are particularly challenged it may be 90%! Which do you prefer – slavery to greed or a life of salvation and love?

    If you want a good OT scripture that’s less percentage based, read Exodus 35-6. The Israelites gave as they were willing and as their hearts were moved to make offerings to the Lord for the work God had set before him. That’s a beautiful way to give. And it says in 36:5 & 6 that they gave until there was “more than enough to do all the work”.

    Compare that with the Matthew / Luke parallel about tithing above where the Pharisees are given Woe and why, and with Matthew 6:19, do not store up treasures on earth but in heaven.

    The message Jesus is bringing is being strong enough in the Lord to give away to God and the needy as the Work comes before you. It may still be useful to begin with 10% giving first since it has biblical precedent, but what’s really being said is to give until you are FREE of greed regarding money [and time and talent, really].

    Anyway, that’s what my congregation is going to hear about Sunday unless the Lord leads otherwise!


    • Chris says:

      Hi Alex

      Your claim that we need to give away money in order to be freed from greed is wrong. In the New covenant we are saved not by the works of our religious flesh but by faith in the completed work of Christ for us.

      Gal 3:1-5

      O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed among you as crucified? 2 This only I want to learn from you: Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? 3 Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh? 4 Have you suffered so many things in vain — if indeed it was in vain?

      5 Therefore He who supplies the Spirit to you and works miracles among you, does He do it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? NKJV

      You also err when you suddenly insert the need to ‘give away to God’ as a means to overcomming greed. Giving to God in the bible is NOT giving to church organisations but in giving directly to the desperate NEED of the POOR. Mat 25 is categoric. Where does the scripture authorise you to be the collector of funds on behalf of God? Are these funds spent as required by GOD…ie in Acts it was all spent on feeding the NEEDY…not even supporting the apostles (Acts 3:6) …and certainly never on buildings.

      You further err when you equate the ‘Work’ of God to be your ministry in the church. The work of God is each and every believer in the body reaching our to their world to demonstrate and share the love of Christ…directly (Eph 2:10) …and not by giving their means to you…and forfeiting their own ministry.

      • pastor alex says:

        you’re reading into what I wrote. Read JUST what I wrote.

        Your claim that we need to give away money in order to be freed from greed is wrong. [even a secular psychologist knows the Truth that anything one is able to give away freely clearly doesn’t have a hold on us, but for believers read the scriptures I reference which are quotes from Jesus]

        In the New covenant we are saved not by the works of our religious flesh but by faith in the completed work of Christ for us. [Salvation is irrelevant to the discussion at hand]

        Gal 3:1-5 [also irrelevant]

        You also err when you suddenly insert the need to ‘give away to God’ as a means to overcomming greed. Giving to God in the bible is NOT giving to church organisations but in giving directly to the desperate NEED of the POOR. [note that I didn’t say this, thanks]
        Where does the scripture authorise you to be the collector of funds on behalf of God? [for biblical precedent you can hit all the scriptures quoted above regarding tithing, but in case you are just talking about NT how about Acts 4:34 and 37? Or is the laying of money at the apostles feet not enough of an indicator that they are collecting the money for God’s purposes and the church? And isn’t the church Christ’s? So isn’t the church collecting on His behalf same as the temple collected for God in the OT? Is Jesus supposed to go door to door to collect funds or his servants?]

        Are these funds spent as required by GOD…ie in Acts it was all spent on feeding the NEEDY…[actually, 4:32-37 shows that the apostles clearly were supported as well, along with many other passages of Acts] not even supporting the apostles (Acts 3:6) [incorrect, see above, and 3:6 that just shows he didn’t have coinage at his disposal, not that he wasn’t supported by the community also] …and certainly never on buildings. [and if you live in the lovely mediterranean, you don’t need to spend much on buildings. If you live in North America…]

        You further err when you equate the ‘Work’ of God to be your ministry in the church. [I didn’t and don’t, you’re reading that into it]. The work of God is each and every believer in the body [are you even in a body if you aren’t in a church fellowship of some kind with other believers?] reaching our to their world to demonstrate and share the love of Christ…directly (Eph 2:10) …and not by giving their means to you…and forfeiting their own ministry. [and finally you falsely imply that funds given to the church are given to the clergy – they’re given to Christ’s CHURCH which is the fellowship of believers, and it is up to every fellowship to use them appropriately, including in the support of the place where they gather and the people who have no means to support themselves b/c they work full time for the fellowship].

        Careful reading is just as useful with comments as with
        scripture – thanks!

        • pastor alex says:

          PS note in my original statement that I’m not an advocate for tithing in the church. I just state that 10% is a good number to begin with if you are trying to get started with faithfully giving away the gifts God has given you, those of Time, Talent and Treasure. Personally, I do give heavily to my church b/c we do so many worthy things to help people, but I also donate to other worthy causes personally and to individuals directly.

    • Lainii87 says:

      I like this. Good job :)

  23. Chris says:

    Hi Brian

    The problem you have is that Jesus said..”Freely you have received FREELY give”. This certainly does not entitle a minister to expect to be paid for ‘ministry’. Yes, some poeple who are able and willing will give …but it is not your right to demand that all including the poor should pay tithes to a church organization contrary to the scriptures
    God’s way has NEVER been tithes of peoples income being given to support church leaders.
    Jesus never taught or practiced this
    The apostles never taught or practiced this
    Yet the church today demands it???

    • Lainii87 says:

      I agree with this. We are to freely give and with the measure that we give it will be measured back to us. We don’t tithe because we HAVE to. Jesus fulfilled the law when He died on the cross. We tithe because we love God and we are so very grateful for all He has given us. He measures what we give back to us so that we can give again. We don’t give to get…we give to show we can be trusted with God’s resources to give to other people.

  24. Dagirathi, Murutwo wa Jesu says:

    I hope the following will help Christians to create an understand not only about their obligation to tithe or not to tithe but to gain a general understanding of other Christian duties.
    Tithing is not a general term for all offerings/donations made to a Church or a religious institution. Tithe is a specific offering of 10% of one’s earnings.
    People who believe in God are not all Christians since, only those who believe in teachings about God as taught by Christ are Christians. Judaists for example for whom the Old Testament was written, believe in Jehovah God but do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah/Son of God. They are still waiting for a Messiah who will be an earthly ruler which they had hoped Jesus was but came to deem him otherwise. The Tithe ( 10% payment to Levites, who would pay from it 10% to the Priests/Descendants of Aaron) was a commandment in the Old Testament not of Jesus in his Gospel.
    If you insist that you want to follow the old testament, then it is good to know that you are not under obligation to make a vow to pay your tithe, but if you make it your obligation, then you must pay it as instructed in Deuteronomy 23: 21-23 “When you make a vow to the LORD your God, you shall not delay to pay it; for the LORD your God will surely require it of you, and it would be sin to you. “But if you abstain from vowing, it shall not be sin to you. “That which has gone from your lips you shall keep and perform, for you voluntarily vowed to the LORD your God what you have promised with your mouth.” It is a yoke you will have taken on your own volition in spite of the freedom given to you by Jesus.
    Jesus came to liberate humans from Childishness of being under control (Laws telling what to do) and to liberate them into the Adulthood of being able to decide what is the correct thing to do. An example was the Law about going for toilet in the bush as described in Deuteronomy 23:13. The verse instructs one to dig a hole, use it for toilet and then cover it up. The instruction must have been not only relevant but also necessary among the primitive peoples whose level of hygiene was not quite so sophisticated. In a way, the people them were children deserving that lesson. Would one want to insist on doing his/her toilet in this day? Another example is the one requiring strict observation of the Sabbath, which when broken, required the culprit to be stoned to death. Jesus gave us the right to reason and decide according to each situation. He explained that he was not destroying the law, but only strengthening it by making it open ended rather than closed. Paul in Hebrews 8:7 explains that , if there had not been a problem with the old Testament, there would have been not need for the New one which is the Word, the Gospel and the Doctrine of Jesus. So Jesus call his followers, The Christians, not to blindly follow, the Blinding Laws of Moses and free to reason on all matters, as guided by The Holy Spirit (The Helper). In Matthew 15, Jesus explaining the law to Scribes and Pharisees calls them hypocrites for following a law that allows Jews to neglect their parents with the excuse that they are giving to God. Paul writing to Timothy warns him that making offerings to God is no excuse for denying one’s family; “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.(1 Timothy 5:8) James 1:27 further elaborates thus: “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.” In Matthew 25: 35-40 Jesus says that the Last Judgment will be based on the help one in his/her lifetime gave to other humans in problems and clarifies that what you give to the poor, you give to God. If therefore anyone wants to strictly follow the law of making offerings ( The 10% Tithe and others) to enrich and fatten his greedy Priest and neglect his poor parents, the poor, widows, orphans and anyone else he/she would have helped, he/she will be deemed a sinner.
    One should ask himself/herself this question, “why strictly follow the Law of Moses (Old Testament) and neglect the Commandments of Jesus (New Testament) if he she is a Christian not a Judaist? Why be freed by Jesus and go back to the bonds of Moses?
    The Commandment of Jesus is, make your decision as and when an act of mercy is required. Give all you have if the situation deserves it.
    Know also that there is a difference between giving and helping. The former is a good earthly thing mostly done with an expectation of reward, (even if it is a Priest prayer which may be wrongly construed as a heavenly thing) while in the latter, is God’s command which has not expectation of reciprocation on earth but has a promise of Heavenly reward. As illustrated by Jesus in the Parable of the Good Samaritan, (Luke 10:25-37) helping is not imposed, is not preplanned (is impromptu as, where and when necessary), has no limits, is not done to please any person expect God and has no expectations of earthly reward or reciprocation. It is a demonstration of maturity, independence of thought and good will towards human kind. It is the Christian thing to do.

    • Lainii87 says:

      You are SO wrong in this post it is painful to read.

      • Dagirathi Murutwo wa Jesu says:

        Hold!That is your judgement and I do not see how it matters. Our understanding of the Word is different so as to who is right and who is wrong is our own opinions. I shall answer to God when my time comes. I am sorry to cause you pain.

  25. Jeffrey says:

    Tithing is an old testament teaching apart of the law of Moses, is sad the the church of Jesus lie to Christians telling them they have to tithe. Matthew 23 and 15 talk about there hypocrisy for tithing, before changing ones self.

  26. Neil Roy says:

    I read every one of the verses quoted and made quite a few notes. Not ONE of them states anything what so ever to do with giving MONEY! They are ALl about the first fruits of the HARVEST, grain, oil, wine, oxen, sheep. The only time money was mentioned at all, was for the feast, if the feast site was too far for you to carry all that food with you (for use for yourself), you could sell it all for cash, bring the money with you in order to buy the FOOD that you need for yourself. Not once does it mean money. Also, the word translated from Hebrew to “tithe” is ma`aser” which also means “a tenth part”, and the Greek word used in the new testament is “apodekatoo” which means “to pay a tenth”. They’re not magical bible words that mean to give money. It was a tenth of the first harvest, a tenth of the best of your sheep, oxen etc.. food. Usually used to feed the priests who, unlike modern ministers, dedicated their lives to God and so this food could feed them. It was also used to feed the homeless, fatherless, orphans etc. Not to give to some church so they can buy more gold for their cathedral, or use to pay $4000 for 1/2 hour of TV time.

    I suggest that true Christians use their 10% to help the homeless, fatherless (single mothers or orphans), and yes, even ministers, but with food. You can help with cash if you wish, but I feel one should know where their money is going. If you support a ministry that is teaching lies, you will be held responsible for those lies as a supporter. That is where freewill offerings come in I think, but like the name suggests, it is of your own free will, not because you are commanded to.

  27. .. The Hidden Facts As To Tithing..
    ..It hit me like a ton of bricks! Let me explain, I had done a lot of studies on Hebrews 7: for years and the tithing issue many years before that..
    .. People in general would say there is no information on tithing in the new testament..
    So I dropped the study and on with matters I could work with… One day I was reading the bible as I would from cover to cover and I discovered Number 18:8 At first reading it I realized something sounded very familiar !? It was explaining how Aaron was put in charge of the “heave offerings” [ Num 18:8 And the LORD spake unto Aaron, Behold, I also have given thee the “charge” of mine “heave offerings” (tithes) of all the hallowed things of the children of Israel; unto thee have I given them by reason of the anointing, and to thy sons, (Levites) “by an ordinance” for ever. ] I realized right away that is a term for tithes from previous work, then read the rest of the verse ! I asked myself, where did I read this before!? It was explaining how tithes actually began and the priesthood being in charge of tithing ! So I went back to my studies on Hebrews where it actually recants the same type of verse that is very nearly the same as to tithes ! [ Heb 7:5 And verily they that are of the “sons of Levi,” (Aaron was a levite, his sons are Levites!) who receive the office of the priesthood, have a commandment [“charge” in Num 18:8 ] to take tithes [ heave offerings, Num 18:8 ] of the people according to “the law”,[ ordinance, Num 18:8 ] that is, of their brethren, though they come out of the loins of Abraham:] Very nearly the same verse ! But re-recorded for our education in what happened to tithes in the new testament ! There are mentions seven times in this chapter of Hebrews as to “the Law” which in fact is speaking of “an ordinance” .
    I have done a lot of research on how that translation of “the law” existed back as early as 1500 and it’s still the same ? But it’s wrong as many people believe “the law” to be the ten commandments in error ! For the best reading of Heb 7: imagine the correct tern in place below..
    …Heb.7:1-28 For this Melchisedec king of Salem priest of the most high God who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all first being by interpretation King of righteousness and after that also King of Salem which is King of peace Without father without mother without descent having neither beginning of days nor end of life but made like unto the Son of God abideth a priest continually Now consider how great this man unto whom even patriarch Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils And verily they of the sons of Levi who receive the office of the priesthood have a commandment (charge) to take tithes of the people according to the law=(an ordinance) that is of their brethren though they come out of the loins of Abraham But he (Melchisedec) whose descent is not counted from them (Levites) received tithes of Abraham, and blessed him that had the promises And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the better And here men that die receive tithes ( the priesthood ) but there of whom it is witnessed that he liveth (Christ) And so say Levi also who receiveth tithes payed tithes in Abraham For he (Abraham) was yet in the loins of his father when Melchisedec met him If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood for under it the people received the law=(recorded in Numbers as an ordinance) what further need another priest (Christ) should rise after the order of Melchisedec and not be called after the order of Aaron (Levite, Christ-Judean.) For the priesthood being changed there is made of necessity a change also of the law=(the tithe ordinance) For of whom (Christ) these things are spoken pertaineth to another tribe of which no man gave attendance at the altar For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood And it is yet far more evident for that after the similitude of Melchisedec there ariseth another priest (Christ) Who is made not after the law=( tithe ordinance) of a carnal commandment=(charge) but after power of an endless life For he testifieth Thou a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec For there is verily a disannulling of the commandment=(charge) going before for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof For the law=(that tithing ordinance) made nothing perfect but bringing in of a better hope did by the which we draw nigh unto God And inasmuch as not without an oath For those priests=(Levites) were made without an oath (Promise) but this with an oath by him that said unto him=(Christ) the Lord sware and will not repent Thou a priest for ever (pause) …By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament And they (Levites) truly were many priests because they (Levites) were not suffered to continue by reason of death But this (Christ) because he continueth ever hath an unchangeable priesthood Wherefore he is able also to save to the uttermost that come unto God by him he ever liveth to make intercession for them For such an high priest became us holy harmless undefiled separate from sinners and made higher the heavens Who needeth not daily (sacrifice) as those high priests (of the Old Test.) to offer up sacrifice first for his own sins then for the people’s “for this he did once” when he offered up himself For the law (that tithe ordinance) maketh men high priests ( go back and look! yes it did!) which have infirmity (the Priesthood) but the word of the oath which “since”>(referring back to) the law (that past tithing ordinance ) the Son who is consecrated forever more.
    So it’s much clearer when the meaning of the correct words are brought out. Now we understand why tithes are no longer mentioned in the New Testament except in Hebrews 7: Jesus Christ was the final Lamb sacrifice, final tithe !
    …Now this verse makes perfect sense! Eph, 2:15 Having “abolished” in his flesh the enmity=,(opposition to) even the law of commandments=(commands / charge) “contained in ordinances”; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace;

    • GrammieOf47 says:

      But Eugene, you fail to realize that after the death of the apostles, the Melchizedek priesthood was taken from the earth until the dawn of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Priesthood which now has flooded the earth seeking out the righteous before the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord come, the Second Coming. It’s here now, and you may become a part of it. You may be ordained to that very priesthood. You are a son of God, and you may go foreword as such with His priesthood power with faith and obedience to the principles and ordinances of His gospel. You just have to pray to find it.

  28. Matthew says:

    This may have be discussed but how can i give 10% of my income if i actually already don’t own my income?
    eg, I have a £100 overdraft that i have completely used. I am paid between £800/£900, not even enough to cover what i owe. Also take from that bills and feeding my family. I Still contribute with my time and donations. Yet not 10% of my earning.

  29. Amanda says:

    I was taught to give 10 percent of your paycheck to the church and God will bless you. If you give more, how much more blessing you will get from the Lord but he doesn’t mean physical blessing but spiritual blessings. And after the offering, my pastor will pray that God uses this money for his will like helping the needy and poor in our Church and also use that money for ministry. In the bible God loves a giver. We can be a giver to our Lord in many ways. If you have a friend in the need of groceries, go out and buy them food but with a joyful heart than saying your sorry and do nothing. If you see a poor person. Take him home and nurse him back to heath. Help him in possible way you can and send him off his way. God says open your homes and share. Jesus wants you to be willing to give up your possessions. God doesn’t command us to only give if we FEEL like it. He says go out and feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty not if you feel like it… People get the word of God so mixed up. Let the holy spirit speak to you though the scriptures! Ask God to help you. Ask him to use you for his purpose and than obey him. If you pass someone on the street wearing dirty clothes and you get a feeling to stop, than stop and ask them if they need help and I think you can figure out the rest. Ask and you shall receive. God uses you to bring others to him. As you become a Christian, a true following of Christ, giving to others will be second nature because of the holy spirit working in you. Read and study the word. God will guide you in the right direction.

    • Matthew says:

      I don’t have an issue with giving in any way shape or form . When I do feel that I am unable to give 10% of my pay check because of all I explained above its not because I don’t want to. I was asking if supplementing part of the 10% with doing duties or sparring time, not because I feel I have to but because I want to and to make up for…is that seen as acceptable by the LDS church? Personally I think it’s acceptable because I would think it’s better to give what you can and want to rather than a set sum of money ?

  30. Michael O'Brien says:

    It’s pointless quoting biblical phrases it’s like quoting imaginary statistics without first proving the authenticity of the bible and the authenticity of the statistics. It’s often quoted that churches discretely give to the poor and do wonder works for the poor. The church gives nothing, anything the church gives is given to them by the laity. Anytime they want money first of all to lavish their own life style or secondary and only secondary to help the poor “who do they turn to” not to their own wealthy coffers but again the laity. And as regards their wonderful works everything they do for deprived areas has an ulterior motive in that these poor souls will be the churches’ future. So their coffers never perish. There is a common ground nowadays for not taking the old testament too seriously but ah! the new testament we are encouraged to take certain amounts of it seriously . So when you speak about gathering artefacts for the greater glory of God it’s certainly in stark contrast to the simple and poor way God lived his life on this earth. God doesn’t need artefacts gold, silver, or any kind of riches from us to make us subject to him, so the whole concept of having these things for the greater glory of God is totally ridiculous. If the whole world was devoid of gold silver and wonderful artefacts’ would it make God less richer? And one day maybe million of years away or maybe tomorrow we will be blown away with either man destroying the world with nuclear power or the sun will burn up and everything that now seems so important to us all will cease to exist. Yes there is merit is saying Churches preserve and protect its riches to prevent anyone else destroying it. The Vatican did a deal with Hitler to protect its establishment at the cost of millions of Jewish lives. Yes If it sold it all it would not make a whole lot of difference to the poor people in the world. ( You could also argue that if the church didn’t have riches would it’s leaders sleep any better at night. ) If the Pope lives in the lap of luxury why should I worry about the poor in Africa. If it doesn’t bother him why should it bother me.? Yes there is merit in the argument that we are all suckers for ceremony and pomp but true faith is actually lost in all of this fantasy. It can be clearly stated that wonderful artefacts’ create an aura of amazement in us all but we certainly don’t have to have a church ethos to preserve or admire these wonderful achievements of man. Take all this riches away from churches and they would very quickly die, and churches know this. The church argues they have to pay for lavish buildings they have to pay for upkeep of these lavish buildings . They have to pay their priests and so on. I would like to know who paid for the lavish buildings that Christ preached in and who paid the apostles?

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