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As we continue our ‘Tithing on Trial’ series, we will evaluate the most common tithing arguments used to defend its practice. Argument # 11 – Abraham Tithed 430 Years Prior to the Law The argument here is that Abraham tithed prior to the law …

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I know i had seen this tithe test floating around here and there on other websites. So i figured i might as well post it here. As a side note, i just want to say that i do not particularly …

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This is a list of all 17 bible verses  about tithing from both the Old and New Testament scriptures. Genesis 14:20 – In this bible verse, Melchizedek comes out to meet Abraham, as Abraham gives him a tithe of the spoils …

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I just went through and wrote on a bunch of other blogs, so i figured i’d write a blog on some of the good tidbits that i had come up with when i wrote comments. -there’s something that just bugs …

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