A Spirit-led Response to Tithing

A Spirit-led Response to Tithing

rsvp graphicIn my many discussions about debates about Tithing, if the debate lasts long enough eventually this question always pops up, “Since you don’t believe in tithing, how much do you give under grace? Is it more than the law or less?” This question is the most ignorant question i receive in the tithing debate. Typically this means that they’ve run out of arguments, or they are sick of repeating the accusation that i am throwing out the Old Testament. This is why i bring you 10 ways to respond when a tither wants to know how much you give, just because you are against tithing.

1. Grace givers could also ask the question about how many of the tithers are actually giving cheerfully and godly? My assumption would be that the percentage is lower than those that give gracefully.

2. What is the average that believing tithers give? According to statistics on barna.org, it doesn’t seem like tithers are giving what they should either.

3. Greed is not biased to those who practice grace giving. May I remind you that Israel fell to the cloak of greed while under the tithing law anyways.

4. The Mormons give more than any religion or denomination but that doesn’t confirm their theology.

5. The steward in Matthew 25 who gave 100% of his 2 talents back to his master was still considered a bad steward.

6. It was only the Pharisees who were interested in shortcomings of others while expressing how they elegantly obeyed the OT requirements.

7. I’ll let God be the one to tell you what He’s received from me.

8. I give nine-and-a-half percent. (just to throw them off)

9. Most of the time I keep 0% of my income. God seems to find a use for all of it.

10. Is it common for you to base scriptural truth on the performance of mankind?

Jared Brian is the author of www.tithing.com. There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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7 comments on “A Spirit-led Response to Tithing
  1. Ken says:

    great responses!!!

  2. Miami Mike says:

    The ten responses given are clever, but not terribly grace-filled. Why not simply say “It would be wrong for me to talk about how much I give,” or even, “I don’t think that’s an appropriate question.”

    Spirit-led responses and snappy comebacks tend not to be the same thing.

  3. Jared Brian says:

    I definitely agree with your response. I guess i should have put that in the list. They just get all mad, and think that you are hiding something when you give them that response. Also, because you hide how much you give, they assume that you don’t give as much as them. It’s a no win situation when they ask you that question. but I hope that you have a little ammo to answer back.

  4. Gwaine says:

    Interesting. Although I’m somewhat late to this thread, it seems Miami Mike may well have captured any comments I would have made:

    Miami Mike: Spirit-led responses and snappy comebacks tend not to be the same thing.

    . . and that would be borne out of the need to

    tithe: It’s a no win situation when they ask you that question. but I hope that you have a little ammo to answer back.

    The point is not so much to “answer back” – first, because it sounds more like assuming a war between believers as Christians; and second, because such snappy comebacks actually do not address the real issues either way.

    It turns out that quite often, most Christians who are opposed to tithing feel a need to proffer some “questions” in the hope of disarming their perceived opponents. I see this happening so many times in books, websites, and other media, where non-tithers pose numerous questions to tithers, as if this would help address any issue on this subject. An example is one that a friend pointed me to in Russell E. Kelly’s site about “140 QUESTIONS TITHE-TEACHERS SHOULD HONESTLY ANSWER”. I mean, lol, what was the purpose in all that? Just 140 questions. . ONLY?!?

    However, one of the intriguing points on this page is that non-tithers often feel a need to tell everyone else to NOT give a “tithe”. . . afterall, that is simply the whole point of their arguements. But take a look again at point #7 – “I’ll let God be the one to tell you what He’s received from me.” That being the case, why not simply extend that same disposition to others who feel led to tithe and let God be the One to be delighted bout what anyone gives (regardless whether it is 10%, 15% or any other PERCENTAGE?) Afterall, anything one gives is actually a ‘percentage’ (whether more or less than 10%). . . so why all this fuss and arguments about telling others it is “wrong” to give 10%?

    Perhaps we would do better to reconsider the fixed mindsets so many of us have adopted on either side (for or against tithes). There’s absolutely no benefit in taking such a stance to feel the need to “answer back”, especially where most of such responses/”come backs” do not help in addressing the core issues.

    I do have hope that we all would someday help ourselves to come to a common ground, rather than to sustain the great divide between brethren on this subject.


  5. Trebord says:

    I believe the only correct response to the question on how much to give under grace is found in 2 Corinthians 9:7 which says “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

    It is for you to decide and it is between you and God. If you choose to give 10%, do so based on 2 Corinthians, not because of the Law.


  6. S.A. says:

    Has anyone even considered  that financially supporting a cult Ministry or place where the Word of God(GOSPEL is not being taught is sin?  Some cult religions are some of the biggest givers because they are in a works based religion to merit what they have from God.
    I don’t think any money God has enabled us to have should go to Prosperity Pimps and those who distort the Gospel and try to sell the favor of God for cash!   

  7. S.A. says:

    To Gwaine,
    Once I stopped tithing and started giving (with no hidden agenda or motive but love for God and his Missionaries), I discovered my giving surpassed ten percent.  So uh, no you do not have it right that those of us that are against the false tithe mandate do not want to give.

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