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Published videos out there pertaining to the subject of stewardship or tithing.

John Crist on Tithing

Just some humor for today.

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Everybody in the Church Start Tithing

Another tithing rap. The lyrics to the rap are written below. I did as best i could with my dictation. If anyone can help with corrections or with the empty blanks, feel free to input it into the comments. Not

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This is Definitely What Robbing God Looks Like

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The Skinny on Tithing Video

Just another video you can use to manipulate everyone into believing that tithing is commanded.

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Creflo Dollar on Tithing

creflo dollar preachihng

Watch this insane video with Creflo Dollar on tithing. Here are few things he says If it weren’t for the blood of Jesus he (creflo) would hold people at gun point to give a tithe. If you take the time

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