Making Love to the Tithe

Making Love to the Tithe

If you are one of those who are in love with tithing (ahem, prosperity pimps) and fantasize about financial blessings, then this video is for you. LISTEN UP!

Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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4 comments on “Making Love to the Tithe
  1. xynphix says:

    So true.  It’s these very leaders, Tihlman, Popoff, Ed Young, Benny Hinn etc etc that are no different than Bernie Madoff, playing off of people’s greed.  Since when did God become a stock market investment or a slot machine?  If these “leaders” lived a poor humble life like Christ, I would not call them evil but they have multi million dollar estates and private jets while they are telling their congregation to “tithe” with money that they don’t even have.  Separating fools from their money is one thing but doing it in the name of God is just evil.

  2. al160 says:

    well I must say that you have put in a lot of effort on this website and thats sad to put in so much effort to an idea that is so wrong I pray that God will touch your heart and mind and show you that there is still a need for tithe and that its not about what we can get from it but what we can give to God 

    • Jared Brian says:

      There is a need for sacrificial, Spirit-led, cheerful giving. There is no need for mechanical, methodical, ritualistic standards to enforce giving

      – jared 

  3. bruce says:

    interesting, tithing is mentioned a lot in the bible, before I knew all the scripture I felt it was the right thing to do.after the stoning of stephen it talks about everybody had everything in common, and now as then its your choice.I do this as a praise and reverent love for GOD. Idont see mansions, jets,,rolls royces in the picture.In the end the books will be opened.

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