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Published videos out there pertaining to the subject of stewardship or tithing.

The New Tithe

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Tithing in Plain English

Here’s my version of tithing in plain English: “Give me 10% of your money, Sucka!”

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Tithing Dounts Video


Bring your donuts into the storehouse. This is definitely what robbing God looks like. Except, if it were me, i would have given Him the jelly ones back since i don’t like those.

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John MacArthur on Joel Osteen

John MacArthur lays the smack-down on Joel Osteen’s prosperity gospel Do you think John MacArthur is correct? Do you believe Joel Osteen preaches a false gospel?

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Ed Young Scam

ed young

So the wolf (aka – deceiver, serpent), Ed Young, takes some time to scam people in the middle of a service to fill a form out with their checking account and routing number and put it in the offering plate

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