Defensive Tithing Comments that Sound Good, But Are Deceptive

Defensive Tithing Comments that Sound Good, But Are Deceptive

A person in devil horns looking deceptiveDeception: The New Testament always requires more than the Old Testament, so we should at least give 10%.
Reason why:God never required less from Israel than He requires from us.

Deception: How can we support the Church without tithing?
Reason why:The Church’s pocket books afraid of freewill. They love the security blanket that a minimum requirement in giving does for their bank accounts. The Church says it wants to be led by the Spirit, but the Church doesn’t trust God enough to be sustained by the Spirit.

Deception: Careful application of God’s word will always be subject to the criticism of legalism
Reason why:Sounds like a Pharisaical excuse after Jesus rebuked them. This is extremely assumptive that they have the right application of God’s word. Havn’t you heard that careful application of God’s word will always be subject to the criticism of conformism.

Deception: We are under grace so we should be more than willing to give at least 10%
Reason why: We are under grace so that we don’t have to be under the law.

Deception: Jesus came to fulfill the law not to destroy it
Reason why: Who gets to pick and choose which laws are fulfilled and which ones are destroyed?

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4 comments on “Defensive Tithing Comments that Sound Good, But Are Deceptive
  1. anonymous says:

    Am I the only one that cannot find any justifiable reason why the tithe teachers only teach to keep one Old Testament law while ignoring the other I believe over 600 laws that also bought a curse? Christ took our curse on the cross. The only debt you owe is thanksgiving and a Holy Life which is all but forgotten these days!

  2. sick of it says:

    God bless you for this blog and well said to the deceptions you spelled out. Why are people so easily taken in, is it because they are not really reading their bibles. No one who has continued reading about the better Covenant in Hebrews or Galatians can be so blind. This only tells me they listen to their Pastor take one word out of context without studying the entire chapter from start to finish. Shame on The Theologians & bible scholars who are afraid to dispel the tithe myth, as if it is their sacred cow!

  3. Beth says:

    I don’t know how the Lord is going to do it but a severe famine is going to come on the false prosperity teachers for drawing attention away from free grace and the cross to themselves and the money they tithe. This heretical teaching is taking the attention away from the faithfulness and goodness of God’s free promises and what was accomplished on the cross. Jesus cleaned the temple of the merchandisers and there is coming a day when God is going to knock them all down like domino’s by letting them fail in every area they put their hands too. Just watch and see God clean His house again cause they are all going to be exposed for the charlatans they are if they don’t repent and stop selling the Lord’s free gifts and Gospel!

  4. Lenny says:

    @ Beth, If you accept the Lord’s prophesy about wolves in sheep’s clothing, then you will understand the activities of these false teachers. They came into it for business (gain) rather than preaching the Gospel. They know fully well what they are doing.

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