Funny Tithe Video

Funny Tithe Video

That is the funniest tithe video i have ever seen in my life. I was laughing so hard that it hurt. I can’t figure out if this guy is serious or he’s joking. Is tithing that shallow? That we’ve come up with stories of running out of donuts and coffee?

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6 comments on “Funny Tithe Video
  1. Adam Minneapolis says:

    This guy was joking; his site uses parody to encourage believers to question the status quo. Here’s the link where this video was originally posted:

    Thanks for your work in getting the word out that modern teaching on tithing is a farce.

  2. John says:

    The tithe is not a joke for some spoiled white
    kid to goof off about – this video is disgusting ..

    This spoiled generation will be destroyed.

    • Jared Brian says:

      they said the same thing about your generation and yet here you are….not destroyed yet.

      • John says:

        Let me clarify my position ..

        A lot of people in these churches work hard,
        they help the poor, and they build the church ..

        Yet rotten, spoiled people, like yourself and
        the kid in this video, spew hatred towards those
        that are doing the work – it’s disgusting to say
        the least.

        Small churches do not have the resources, or the
        marketing prowess to satisfy you and your rotten

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