Jim Bakker Denounces the Prosperity Gospel

Jim Bakker Denounces the Prosperity Gospel

jim bakkerKudos to Indiechurch for first posting this on his blog. Here is a compelling video of Jim Bakker, former TBN evangelist and fleecer, denouncing the prosperity gospel after spending 5 years in prison for embezzlement, extortion, and tax evasion. This video is a MUST see!

As a side note, there is a short introduction before Jim Bakker starts preaching, feel free to bypass the intro parts.

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5 comments on “Jim Bakker Denounces the Prosperity Gospel
  1. My wife had been in touch with Mr Bakker a few times over the 3 years we watched him on TV, encouraging him to use the air time for the equipping of the saints instead of marketing. And although he has spoken out against a few of the false doctrines he had promoted at one time, he continued to build his kingdom in Missouri. Please check out this video which speaks volumes regarding his emphasis and intentions. We had to stop watching due to his continual marketing and defending himself for doing so.
    Here’s the link:
    God Bless.

  2. I’m sorry about that video link because even though Jim Bakker is on that video it’s not the one that addresses this more directly Here:

  3. Freewillgiver says:

    Thank you Michael Copeland I watched three videoes that you posted. Jesus is using so many means to spread the gospel in the world. Your post prove that.

    I have more respect for Jim Baker now with a few reservations and so many churches have become marketplaces. I also watched a few videos that you posted wich were directly about tithes. I love Christian arts.

    Christ in us

  4. Ares Vista says:

    Why would you morons continue to support this man? He is NOT working for God, he’s ‘working’ to dupe you into giving him your hard earned money. You will be punished equally for supporting this blasphemer.

  5. Cindy Jantz says:

    Jesus overthrew the money changer’s tables at His Father’s Temple, because of their deceitful, and greedy hearts practicing their wicked, and deceptive deeds in His Father’s House, which was to be a House of prayer, and to Worship the LORD GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel!!!!!!!! Not for selling sacrifices (animals to be offered to the LORD as a burnt offering) at usury prices! That is an abomination in God’s eyes!!!!

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