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$11 Million Christian Ponzi Scheme

Ephren Taylor

An ABC News story written by Steve Osunsami states that Ephren Taylor is being accused of $11 million Christian ponzi scheme by the SEC. Not surprisingly, he has had influence upon New Birth Missionary Baptist Church with Eddie Long, as well as

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Tithing Confession

If you navigate to the website of Family Community Church in North Highlands, CA, you will come across their “Tithing Confession” page. here is the link – http://familycc.org/tithing-confession Look at the ridiculous, and comical tithing confession below Every single one

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A Look at the Prosperity Gospel in the Pentecostal Church

Most everyone realizes that the prosperity gospel (health-wealth gospel) is one of the holy grails within the Pentecostal Church. The prosperity gospel is the belief that God will financially bless those he favors. . . Now, let’s get straight to

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What to Look for in a Non-Tithing Believer

Many tithers don’t trust anti-tithers. And what i mean by anti-tithers are those who actively speak out and attack the teachings of those who support tithing. Since the pro-tithing defense in scripture is so weak, I feel that many of

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Exposing False Prosperity Preachers

Listen to this podcast by Hank Hanegraaff on OnePlace.com. He completely exposes the TBN Scam and false teachings of the prosperity pimps. It is long; but this is the best, most concise, well-constructed resource you will see on the internet.

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