KNPR Radio Interview on Tithing

KNPR Radio Interview on Tithing

I will be on KNPR Nevada Public Radio Thursday at 9:00am pacific time (12noon EST) to speak about Tithing in the Recession. Here is the show information below

Tithing in the Recession
AIR DATE: September 22, 2011
Audio forthcoming
We look at the stresses tithing places on families at the economic breaking point and the effect the economy is having on the services provided by religious institutions.

Derrick Berry, Faith Based Financial Planner, Balanced Financial Services of Las Vegas
Jared Bartholomew, Founder and Blogger, Church Stewardship and Tithing Report


If you would like to listen live on Thursday, you can go to the main home page


Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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One comment on “KNPR Radio Interview on Tithing
    The moderator was extremely pro-tithing as was also the financial adviser and Mormon. They wanted tithes to go to the church before any bills were paid and showed no real concern for the needy.
    The Jew did not use the term and made a lot of sense. The Lutheran only used it after the moderator forced him into saying tithing. Jared was used as a counterweight to pretend that the discussion was balanced. I would have jumped in swinging and immediately said that their definition of tithing was unbiblical, therefore the whole discussion is moot.

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