Solve all Your Money and Tithing Problems

Solve all Your Money and Tithing Problems

chinese green money washI finally found it!The perfect solution to solve all of your financial woes that accumulate more debt and hold back your tithe from the church.

It’s a green chinese wash and is a famous magickal formula that is used when you need to get more money fast!

I just saw this product on ebay, and it reminded me of the prosperity gospel preachers we mainly hear on TBN. (i could give them another nickname from those initials, but my spirit will refrain my flesh). Anyways, i don’t know why i hear sometimes that you just rub God on here on this spot, and a little on that spot, and magically you have monetarily prosperous life. Maybe we just think that once we wash our lives up, that he’ll open up a material blessing that we cannot handle. Some are called into riches some are not. Some are called to work very hard to make riches, others are called to leave it. Either way, riches do not come magically. If it came magically, i could probably sit in some monastery, somewhere in the himalayas, and wish it upon myself. In obvious comparisons to the ant, the number one way to gain riches, is to work your tail off, which by the way is very Godly. I think some people just show up at work and expect that God will mind control their boss into giving them a raise just because. . . well. . . just because they read their bible this morning. Anyways, that’s just my thoughts for the day on that.

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