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Published videos out there pertaining to the subject of stewardship or tithing.

Advent Conspiracy Video

Advent Conspiracy from The Springs Church on Vimeo.

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The Prosperity Gospel by Global Conversion

Here is a video i came across on the Museum of Idolatry at This just infuriates me. I can’t fathom how God can withhold his anger from the prosperity pimps that make a profit in His name.

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Tithing is Not a Christian Doctrine

russ kelly

I consider Russel Earl Kelly to have the single best resource out there to defend and refute the false doctrines of tithing. If you are looking for a resource that uses scripture to dissect the irrefutable facts about tithing, then

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Art Of Manipulation Vol 2

creflo dollar preachihng

Creflo Dollar: “There’s something wrong with telling people ‘you better tithe or you’re gonna be cursed‘ Boy that’s still what the commandment in the law said. And if you begin to tell people to do things and try to make

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Can’t Argue With This Cheerful Giver

At first i didn’t know whether to laugh, act surprised, or be disappointed. Well at least he’s  obviously a cheerful giver, so i couldn’t argue with that one. So, i actually laughed. :)

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