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What to Look for in a Non-Tithing Believer

Many tithers don’t trust anti-tithers. And what i mean by anti-tithers are those who actively speak out and attack the teachings of those who support tithing. Since the pro-tithing defense in scripture is so weak, I feel that many of

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Top Ignorant Statements About Tithing

This list of ignorant statements about tithing are listed here because they are the cream of the crop when it comes to oblivious arguments. Every time i hear these statements i either roll my eyes to the back of my

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How Were Offerings Used in the New Testament?

wooden offering plate

Below is an extensive list of all the bible verses that discuss how offerings were used in the New Testament. Although this is not a list of every bible verse that talks about giving, these bible verses are all the

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Another Video on Tithing – God Pie

pumpkin pie

I just posted a tithe rap video yesterday, and now i found another video on tithing. This tight economy must really be crunching church budgets. I’ve never seen such  an increase of videos on tithing and giving. Watch the video

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Giving Statistics

Giving Statistics Chart

I fished through some articles and some statistics and compiled the most interesting statistics in one post. These statistics will make you think, question, and doubt the responsibility of your leaders. I will admit, these giving statistics are not pretty,

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