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Many tithers don’t trust anti-tithers. And what i mean by anti-tithers are those who actively speak out and attack the teachings of those who support tithing. Since the pro-tithing defense in scripture is so weak, I feel that many of …

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This list of ignorant statements about tithing are listed here because they are the cream of the crop when it comes to oblivious arguments. Every time i hear these statements i either roll my eyes to the back of my …

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Below is an extensive list of all the bible verses that discuss how offerings were used in the New Testament. Although this is not a list of every bible verse that talks about giving, these bible verses are all the …

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I just posted a tithe rap video yesterday, and now i found another video on tithing. This tight economy must really be crunching church budgets. I’ve never seen such  an increase of videos on tithing and giving. Watch the video …

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I fished through some articles and some statistics and compiled the most interesting statistics in one post. These statistics will make you think, question, and doubt the responsibility of your leaders. I will admit, these giving statistics are not pretty, …

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