Rich pastors not common, but not endangered

Rich pastors not common, but not endangered

Associated Baptist Press – Matt Kennedy
Rich pastors not common, but not endangered species

What a life to live. The luxurious lifestyle of being a pastor! Rich pastors will never be endangered. They will always exist. Why? I don’t know? Why do you think? Is it ok that some pastors are walking around with expensive watches, and suits? If one’s earned it, don’t you think that it’s okay for them to keep what they’ve earned? Why should everyone bash on TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar? I mean, God’s given that to them, hasn’t he? They have a right to choose to keep that which God has given them. Why should we make them feel guilty about taking so much, when we’ve taken so much in our own lives. Of course not as much as them in the amount, but proportionately, we have. At least i feel that i have.

I wish sometimes that there was no such thing as “things”. i wish it was just all dirt to me. What if they look at that stuff as dirt? Do you think that some of those pastors that live in mansions could actually be right? Do you think there’s anyone that can be justified for what they’ve got? Do you think it’s okay for any Christian to live in any mansion? How much do you think is the right amount for all pastors to make?

This article does talk about tithing. but it mainly is referring to pastor Rick Warren of saddleback church. He lives off of a reverse tithe. That means he lives off of 10% of what he makes and gives 90%. You’ve gotta hand it to the guy for doing this. Do you think Rick Warren is challenging other rich pastors by giving a reverse tithe? I would think Rick Warren would have more authority in finances just because he’s shown that he’s handled the grip of money so well. On the other hand when other rich pastors are preaching tithing, it’s hard to listen.

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62 comments on “Rich pastors not common, but not endangered
  1. Suzie says:

    This is what Paul the Apostle had to say about getting rich from preaching the Gospel!
    It is a far cry from send me a thousand dollar seed for a return blessing!

    Acts 20: 33
    “I have never coveted anyone’s silver or gold or fine clothes.

    Acts 20: 34 “You know that these hands of mine have worked to supply my own needs and even the needs of those who were with me”.

  2. Suzie says:

    Just incase anyone is wondering, I am not against tithing, just lying about it and trying to include it as still in effect and included into the New Covenant and Dispensation of Grace (unmerited favor)!

    I financial support and believe in monetary support of your Church. Shame on anyone who won’t give the Lord their time talent or treasure but not because I am bullied or think it is still a mandated law to justify me before God. The payment Jesus made is what freely gives me all things. Romans 8:32, Romans 8:33 It is his payment that gives me favor, not mine. I finally got the meaning of Grace!

    John 1:18 “And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace”
    some translations say one blessing after another (with no charge required)!

    • JP says:

      I fully agree with you Suzie. To strike the balance between motivating people to give, and coercing them into giving, is something that a lot of churches struggle with.

      In today’s society, the majority of people (myself included,unfortunately) part grudgingly with their finances.If they are not reminded about the effect that Mammon has, “giving” gets the lowest place on the priority list. I guess it comes down to selfishness, or just being so focused on yourself and growing in your own life, that there is no time,effort, or money available for anything else.So perhaps the root of the problem lies with pride itself,perhaps appealing to people in that way (outward vs inward focus) would create the desire to give, in which case people would start to give cheerfully and freely.I truly believe that is is more blessed to give than to receive, and hopefully that is the motivation behind all the scripture that churches supply to promote giving. To make tithing legalistic is just producing offense in churches.

  3. Suzie says:


    John 1:16
    And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace

  4. Wild Eagle says:

    Why aren’t preachers more even-handed about enforcing the Old Law? Circumcision predated the Law of Moses just like isolated examples of VOLUNTARY tithing. If it wasn’t just about the money and preachers gave equal time to circumcision in their sermons, they’d dig out the garden shears, not the ice cream buckets, from behind the pulpit. Then you’d see all the men and boys a-runnin’ out that door, leaving only the women to carry on with their periodic pigeon offerings and bake sales.

  5. Arogya Reddy says:

    in the gospels from matthew to john if study carefully we cant see that jesus never told to Tithe. to disciples pastors came in the 15th century by Rev.Fr.Martin luther when he introuduced pastors they asked him what we must do to run our familys he told take the tithe from sheeps

  6. COG says:

    How about a family of six earning what a family of two earns? 

    How about the fact that I can’t afford diapers for my child?

    All I want to do is go to church but I stopped attending because I can’t afford to go. Church feels more like a social club with dues that have to be paid. I cry in the church parking lot because I can’t afford to tithe and I feel unwelcomed and worthless. I give an offering but that’s not good enough. I feel bad/sad.

    The pastor has a nice home, nice car, a well-dressed wife that doesn’t work (all the women of the congregation ooh and ahh her); his children are in private schools and the best colleges, and they take a family vacation every year. 

    My husband and I both work. We are not on assistance. We don’t take vacations. We pay our bills. (And how about the people on assistance? How about the elderly?)

    The preachers talk about tithing, but don’t explain how we’re to pay our bills. They are actually telling us to not pay our bills. One preacher asked, “Will the electric company be there in the end for you?”

    Since I can’t afford church, I’ve sponsored a poor child through a Christian organization. I’m making a difference in a child’s life.

    Perhaps people stay out of church because they can’t tithe or give an offering.

  7. Rob says:

    Reverse tithing (90% given away) is a powerful display of trust in God’s provision, and serves as an excellent testimony for Pastor Warren.

  8. Patricia says:

    You won’t see tithing on wages and paychecks in either testament.  Only landowners and ranchers were responsible for payment of tithes and only collected them on agricultural produce.  Jesus NEVER asked for tithes, nor did the apostles.  Jesus collected money FOR the poor, he didn’t collect it FROM the poor.  Tithing brings down the curse of the Law (Gal.3:10) because you can’t keep all the Law perfectly, and arent’ allowed to keep just a bit of it and forget the rest.  The church leaders are quick to tell little Christians if they need something, but if your teeth are rotting out from lack of dental care and the landlord is about to throw you out, just try going to the church office for help.  They’ll only tell you to quit being so lazy and take an extra job.  This giving thing should work both ways.

  9. kev says:

    Matthew 11:16-19 well describes this argument. John did not eat,they said he had a devil. Jesus was exact ‘opposite’ of John-eating + drinking,they said he was gluttonous. It appears that regardless of a minister’s handling of finances,we will always fault them. If they are too broke,they are irrelevant/not practical for 21st century. If they sail in favor and prosper,they are thieves!

    I fellowship at Jubilee Christian Church-Parklands,Nairobi,and this thing keeps coming up. While I may not have the space to expound on it,let me point a few facts; tithing precedes Law of Moses. We find it in Genesis. I often wonder;if people under the Law were required to part with 10%,how much more us who are under the Grace. Tithing was a minimum,not a rule. Why harass a man of God who goes beyond the minimum?

    Rick Warren has explained severally that the only reason God made him a celebrity,is for influence……now he can speak to presidents,he can reach out to starving villages in Africa. Read Psalms 72. He got affluence and influence to help those without either!

    • smiley says:

      I think that is a great point but looking at the life of Jesus, He did not have what this world might construct as “affluence” but He surely had “influence”. I think the point is that you don’t need affluence to have influence. If you have the Holy Spirit then you are set to do many things.
      Take Care,

    • Darren says:

      Tithing preceding Moses you say. So did circumcision. Read Galatians 3.10

  10. rebeka says:

    there are so many poor people who dont even has food to eat so we being children of God are we concerned about poor and giving? No not all it might be pastors or belivers God expects that everyone who has should share with their fellowmen and Jesus said once u may prophesie drive demons do miracles but if u dont feed hunger your unfit to be in the kingdom of God so my dear brothers and sisters in christ dont judge anyone do your part help the poor widows orphans whoever in need God will be pleased with u but dont give money for greedy one it might be pastors or anybody Stay blessed

  11. phil says:

    Hi its all very well helping out a brother in the ministry but the problem is Jesus put an end to all of  mans ways of worship and what you have today is apostate ALL OF THEM ! . They all say they follow the bible but the early Christians used to share out what they have. Where is the command being taken seriously when Jesus says to give up all possessions and to live day to day. The cry from Jesus in revelation is ” get out of her my people” telling us to flee from religion and worship Jesus with spirit and truth. The true church is one not made by human hands. Many Christians are enslaved by dogma and denominationalism. Who do you belong to your church or Jesus. Many Christians are being led by the spirit of the world which is in the churches. They will blindly follow their church into destruction. Wake up brothers and sisters.

  12. lambert says:

    I want every one to click on this and listen to the song Pon D Lord by Dvahyu, Nigerian church is all about money so sad.all they preach is money money tithe. they get richer and the poor poorer. does the bible preach getting rich from the poor worhshippers? is this Jesus teaching? click on this

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