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There’s more truth in this video on HBO by a comedian about the sad state of the Church than i’ve seen come from a pulpit. You may not like the vulgarity in some parts, be warned. The truth hurts sometimes, …

HBO Speaks the Truth About Televangelists Read More »

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Oh you can’t get to heaven On roller skates Cause you’d roll right by Those pearly gates Oh you can’t get to heaven in a limousine cause the Lord don’t sell no gasoline Ok, so i’m not going to sing …

You Can’t Get to Heaven Read More »

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Watch this insane video with Creflo Dollar on tithing. Here are few things he says If it weren’t for the blood of Jesus he (creflo) would hold people at gun point to give a tithe. If you take the time …

Creflo Dollar on Tithing Read More »

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Well, it looks like the senate committee in the national government is getting more involved in the matters of the church. CBS news talks about this story here. I have been saying for some time that this was going to …

Senate Panel Probes 6 Top Televangelists Read More »

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