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Rick Warren Tithing Errors Again

Rick Warren, Saddleback Church

Rick Warren is at it again, spewing out more lies about your requirement to give and tithe to the church organization. He just posted a new article on Feb 18. You can read it here. Just going to get right

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Wrong Reasons Believers Give To Your Church

money down the drain

Just came across a post found on pastors.com written by Rick Warren titled, “8 Reasons Believers Give to Your Church”. I found it by going to one of my frequently visited sites – http://fbcjaxwatchdog.blogspot.com/ In the article Warren gives 8 motivating

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Rick Warren on Tithing

Rick Warren, Saddleback Church

Rick Warren on tithing in his blog post completely and utterly manipulated and twisted scripture to defend the tithe. You can read it here in his blog post. Or just read the excerpt below “The purpose of tithing is to

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