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So everyone in Church has more money than you huh? Well, there’s only one way to get more for yourself. Convince others to give it to you. Here are 11 tricks you can use to convince God’s sheep to give …

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A person reported in the news sacrifices and gives up $3 million in an offering plate, and on the other hand the church gets excited about hoarding it. Here’s a news story of a person anonymously putting a lottery ticket …

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Yesterday I presented the first 5 Myths About Church Building Projects, so today i continue with the final five myths that our pastoral leaders misuse in order to initiate an expensive building project. Myth #6. Our renovated and upgraded sanctuary …

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In my opinion these are 5 of the top 10 myths that people use to promote the initiation of building projects in the church. This list is the first five, and tomorrow i will post 5 more myths about church …

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