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I’m sitting here right now trying to think of a way to transition all the thoughts going through my mind, so this post might get a little bumpy and random. I have Google tithing alerts sent to my email every …

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i thought this was pretty clever.

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Oh yes, another example of someone getting out of debt by tithing. Read the story here “CBN.com“.  I have to be careful here, because i do believe God honors faith, as well as sacrificial giving, which means that i believe …

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Want to put your wealth into perspective? Well, here’s a website to help you. Type in your income per year, and see where you rank in the world for your wealth. This website has a donate button, please be careful …

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Here’s a news article written by Nick Carey that i read on Reuters. The title is, “For many U.S. Christians, it’s God before mortgage”. I have quoted and commented on certain portions of this news article below. While millions may …

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