You Can’t Get to Heaven

You Can’t Get to Heaven

Oh you can’t get to heaven On roller skates
Cause you’d roll right by Those pearly gates

Oh you can’t get to heaven in a limousine
cause the Lord don’t sell no gasoline

Ok, so i’m not going to sing anymore but i was reminded of this childhood song after reading a story about Evander Holyfield and Creflo Dollar on Here’s a short excerpt.

If there was ever proof that giving 10% of your income to a Prosperity Preacher is not a good idea then all anyone has to do is look at Evander Holyfield. In a climatic legal setting that once featured Evander Holyfield, Janice Holyfield (his 2nd wife), Judge Miller, and Creflo Dollar, the actual battle was over the amount of money that was donated to one church.

roller skatesSo apparently Mrs. (soon-to-be-2nd-ex) Holyfield went to court to determine the exact amount given to Creflo Dollar Ministries by her husband. Long story short, she found that Evander gave close to a 7 million tithe to Creflo Dollar.

Another situation occured with Holyfield’s third wife that resulted in a protective order againts Holyfield. in this case, Holyfield’s third wife accused him of a violent act. During this time, the heat was cut off to the couple’s home and Holyfield was facing a foreclosure auction. If you can remember in a previous ESPN interview with evangelists and athletes, Holyfield said he would tithe before paying his mortgage. Looks like he was a man of his word considering 7 million went into Creflo’s pocket.

I could care less about Holyfield and Creflo Dollar except for the opportunity to expose the prosperity gospel scam.

PimpPreacher said it best here, If the claims of the prosperity preachers were actually true then Evander Holyfield would be a poster child for peace, prosperity and tranquility but based on recent court filings we now know that’s far from the truth.”

I’m sorry Holyfield. If you only knew a simple song that goes something like this, ‘Oh you can’t get to heaven in a limousine . . .’

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