Challenging First Fruit Tithing

Challenging First Fruit Tithing
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I was just going over some news today about tithing and offerings in the church, and noticed how more and more churches are allowing debit and credit card payments for the tithe and offerings. In the back of my mind i’m wondering what the pastors think about the financial fees that the church pays for using visa or master card. I’m wondering if they are going to start telling their people to pay 11% of a tithe just to cover the fees? Obviously the credit card fees are deducted from what the churches receive so that they won’t be receiving a full tenth.

Also, The churches who tithe to other charities from what they receive; I’m wondering whether or not they will be willing to give a tithe from their first fruits(before the finance charges)? It would be interesting if they could justify giving a tenth from after the finance charges are taken out, and not justify the congregation from giving a tenth on their net income.

My logic and questioning here sounds so bizarre and almost funny but i guarantee many of the churches have pondered these questions. It blows my mind when tithe teachers say that “we shouldn’t follow the exact law of the old testament tithing, but follow the general rule of giving 10% to the Lord’s work”. It blows my mind because we say that the tithe is a “general” rule but we’ve gotta ask questions about, finance charges, should i do this on net or gross, what about profits, increase, first fruits, at the beginning at the end of the week, how should i, when should i, where should i . .. . in front of the church, behind the church, at the info desk, should i give cash, checks, or credit cards, what about my retirement money, what about my pension, what about my disability, can i give to the church, can i give to my pastor, what about charities, what about my bills, what about my debt workman’s comp, insurance payouts, food stamps, unemployment income, tax returns, rebates, . . . and bla bla bla, and on and on the questions come. Tithing is not a “general” rule or principle for that matter, when you’ve gotta hire a financial guide just to figure out how, when, and where you should tithe.
Even though our leaders have substituted Spiritually empowered giving with an Old Testament law, they still expect the Holy Spirit to intervene.

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One comment on “Challenging First Fruit Tithing
  1. Dr Solabomi O Fadahunsi says:

    Is it appropriate to pay tithes on pension credit and guarantee credit? As we are told by the government that it is not an income and the bible says we must pay our tithes, on my small pension I do pay tithes but on my pension credit I don’t pay can you please advice me on what to do. Thanks very much as I will be awaiting your response

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