Should I Tithe Off the Gross or Net?

Should I Tithe Off the Gross or Net?

I’ve heard this question too often: Should i tithe on the gross or net? Here’s the conventional answer: Do you want God to bless you on the gross or net? I’m sorry, but i’m not a conventional type of person, so i’m not going to give you that answer. I have something else in store.

Do we find ourselves asking this type of question when you seek other ways to worship God? Do you calculate how much time you should spend with God once you’ve subtracted time for work, sleeping, and eating? Does it seem a little strange to you that we are legalistic about  giving on the gross or net when we aren’t this legalistic about any other area of our service toward God? Seriously, what kind of standards do you have about praying? Come on, i would think we should have some sort of time minimum with praying, right? Ok, well, what about reading the bible? That’s like God’s letter directly written for you. I would think we should have some sort of calculation to help us figure out how much to read. No? Ok, well, what about serving? If no one serves, who will do what needs to be done for church? Shouldn’t we need some sort of minimum standard for how much you should serve in church?

We are beings that have been born again in his Spirit, so naturally, we should be led and instructed by the Holy Spirit on how to give. We should not let petty percentages dictate how our love is worked out. I am a married man, and if i gave to my wife the way most people give to God, then our marriage would be dead. Our God is alive and he speaks to us. It’s about time we start acting like it with Spirit-led, sacrificial giving instead of this monotonous, mechanical, automated, impersonal, habitual, routine we call tithing.

I’m sorry . . . did i offend some of you? Were you looking for some answer to whether or not you should tithe on the gross or net? Well, you aren’t going to get it here. Gimme a break, has our worship towards God become so religious that we cannot see how mechanical our relationship with God has become? We give like a bunch of pagans. Hold on, maybe i’m not clear as to what i’m saying . . . . TITHING IS PAGANISM. Go ahead, whip out Malachi 3, Leviticus 27, and Matthew 23.

What would you do if you heard of a group of people sacrificing sheep in the woods today? First thing that would come to your mind is some sort of witch cult. Yet, this very practice is completely biblical. As a matter of fact, Abraham sacrificed sheep. So why is tithing paganism? Well, for starters, all religions or cults give no differently to their own gods than we give to ours. Second, tithing was an old testament ritual just like animal sacrifices. Third, tithing was practiced by pagan cultures, such as the Egyptians and Babylonians prior to Abraham.

A huge difference between Buddha and Yahweh is that our God is not made of metal or wood. Our God is alive, and yet, we are satisfied with giving to our God as if he has nothing to say. Imagine if i gave my wife the same thoughtless gift every year and never asked her what she wanted. Don’t you think my wife wants me to ask her, and also has her own wishes? What makes you think that God is satisfied with this impersonal type of giving as well? God didn’t tear the veil so that we can continue old testament practices that permit us to ignore the direct channel we have to the holy room of God.

When you drive by a graveyard, you will see hundreds of flowers sitting on top of everyone’s grave. Do you see jewelry, clothes, a watch, shoes, vacation tickets, or a pedicure coupon? No. Because giving flowers, just like everyone else, is the only way we know how to express love to a dead person. We don’t know what they want, nor have we been in touch with them to even instinctively understand what they desire. This is because they are dead! Our relationship with a dead person is all one sided. We can talk to them, but they don’t talk back. This sounds a lot like how Christians want their God to be. We want him to hear when we need something; other than that we hope He stays dormant.

When i see the plate passed around in church it is much like watching people visiting their loved ones in the graveyard. They all come with the same gift in hand because tithing seems to be the universally accepted gift for someone who’s been dead to us all week.

If you don’t agree with what i’m saying about tithing, just look at how most tithers give offerings above and beyond. Because of my past experience, i would venture to say some of you give a couple extra percentage points above the tithe into the offering plate. If you were like me, you gave 11% to make sure that extra percent covers any oversight in calculating your tithe, and to provide you the opportunity to give that cheerful offering above the tithe.

Although we define offerings as Spirit led giving, there is no philosophical difference between tithing and offerings because we still mimic the same mechanical procedure we had with tithing. Technically, the only difference we see between Spirit led giving and tithing is what is typed on a calculator or planned in our budget. For those of you who don’t calculate your offering above the tithe, don’t think you are off the hook, because  i would venture to guess that your offering above the tithe is much like throwing darts blindfolded.

Some of us even think giving is like throwing gifts into the center of a volcano in hopes to appease the angry god from spewing out his wrath on our little village.

In the end, instead of acting like children worshiping a living God; tithing has taught us nothing but to be good little disciplined pagans. Sorry for those who thought they were getting an answer about tithing on the gross or net.

Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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5 comments on “Should I Tithe Off the Gross or Net?
  1. joey says:

    Good topic~funny your blog came up in my email today after being here over a year ago. I was looking for fellowship and have been going to a local gathering/church and decided to get involved in the music slightly as a back up singer. A pack of papers was given to me this morning about the requirements to be a part of the music team. One is being a faithful tither and another is totally agreeing with the churches vision and ministry, so I guess that answers my prayer about whether God wanted me a part of that congregation. I just want fellowship, worship and study with other believers and to keep it simple after years of organized, political church but it is hard to come by in this town.

    When will diversity on secondary subjects be allowed and the clone effect lost in our gatherings? Isn’t the bible clear that all who call upon the name of Jesus are saved and our authority is solely Him? Doesn’t thinking for ourselves, asking questions and even disagreeing really help us to come to a solid decision of what we believe in and support what Jesus said about counting the cost first?

    Anyway, here is a link to a blog called “Quivering Daughters” that has been helping me with authoritarian style church and past abuses I have experienced. I have long ago been labeled a “stallion or rebellious” but I now see that God was protecting me from a lifetime of the simulator Christianity and at least I can be free to be the me He made me now.

  2. joey says:

    The link~

  3. Joseph E. Martin says:

    I tithe an average of 120 Sunday Wednesday Sunday ,Iam in church at least 10 to 12 times amonth I clear 3500 per month do you think i am giving enough . I am prospering both spiritualy and moniterially. Please disregard this stupid question ,i am only a man ,and i do not pretend to know the mind of GOD.

  4. Who says:

    The question shouldn’t be gross vs. net, but why income at all?

    Consider the Israelite who grew wheat and who earned wages as a carpenter, so his income at the end of the year was:

    * 100 bushels of wheat
    * 100 shekels earned as a carpenter

    Of his income, he would have tithed:

    * 10 bushels of wheat
    * 0 shekels

    That’s right, 0 shekels. Not only was he not required to tithe on his income from carpentry, he was actually prohibited from tithing from it. Tithes were restricted to crops and herd animals the tither raised himself.

    The above Israelite’s tithe was not base on his income. It was based on his increase of crops and herd animals.

    There actually are no examples in the Bible of anyone tithing based on their income.

    * Abraham did not tithe based on his income (war spoils).
    * Ancient Israelites (like the one above) did not tithe based on their income.
    * The Pharisees Jesus spoke to, like the above example, did not tithe based on their income.

    Why do we ask this gross vs. net question, when income was never the basis for tithing in the Bible to begin with?

  5. Melinda says:

    I’m sorry, but you are completely wrong about tithing. God says those who do not tithe are ROBBING HIM! Why am I saying this when you already know and don’t care? Just as a reminder. God knows and keeps track of everything we do. God wants us to tithe for a specific reason. He uses that money to fund gospel work. How do you think missionaries, teachers, pastors, etc. get paid? Through the TITHE! THAT was God’s design and purpose for it! Too bad you’re so close minded to see and understand that…

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