Comparing Denominations and Religions that Tithe


An ironic list of how these cults, denominations, and religions compare to one another.

Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, Baha’i*, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Evangelical, Islam*, Episcopalian, Hinduism*, Adventists



  1. Tithing
  1. Salvation by Faith
  2. Immaculate Conception
  3. Sin nature of man
  4. Predestination
  5. Calvinism/Arminianism
  6. Creationism
  7. Baptism
  8. Use of Spiritual Gifts
  9. Bible/koran/apocrypha/book of mormon
  10. Versions of the Bible
  11. Rapture
  12. Second Coming
  13. Trinity
  14. Heaven/Hell
  15. Homosexuality
  16. Eternal Security
  17. Divorce
  18. Men/Women Roles
  19. Sabbath
  20. Keeping the Law
  21. Deity of God
  22. Number of (g)od’s
  23. Resurrection
* Baha’i, Islam, Hinduism require amounts other than 10%.

Kind of strange, Don’t you think?

Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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4 comments on “Comparing Denominations and Religions that Tithe
  1. Keesha says:

    This is no tithe in the Muslim religion. Can you tell me where that is mentioned in the Quran>

  2. Jared Brian says:

    The Muslim religion tithing requirement is 2.5%

  3. I don’t think anyone will say that a requirement to be a Christian is to Tithe. I give 10% most Sundays at my Christian Church

  4. nerk spooble says:

    tithes are useful – indicator of crporate religion,sake oil,chronyism.

    the feeble-mined, desperate will gravitate to such, buying their place with God, for a modest sum.

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