Top Ignorant Statements About Tithing

Top Ignorant Statements About Tithing

ignorant and clueless people

This list of ignorant statements about tithing are listed here because they are the cream of the crop when it comes to oblivious arguments. Every time i hear these statements i either roll my eyes to the back of my brain or i shake my head in disbelief about how shallow their brain must be. I know my mood seems uncaring and sarcastic, well, that’s probably because it is. Sorry, it’s been a rough couple weeks. So, onward we go into the barren, thoughtless, and ignorant statements about tithing.

  1. You don’t pray about tithing, you do it
    Who can recall the countless times i’ve come across this statement. This argument pretty much stems off the mentality, “God said it, and that settles it”. I could understand if we skipped the whole prayer thing if we were talking about murder, adultery, or stealing; but curiosity should arise when we realize that God is present, but i don’t need to pray because all i need to know is in this little black book. After all, it says “Holy” on the front, so it must answer all my questions.Who needs a God that is able to communicate? There are many other religions out there that pray to idols who can’t speak to them. For some reason, i don’t think God is made of wood or stone.
  2. Tithing acknowledges that God owns it All
    STOP! Think about that: Does giving 10% mean you are giving 100%? Notice how they always say that tithing “acknowledges”. They know it doesn’t bring fulfillment, or completion to stewardship. It’s because they know if we aren’t committed 100% to God, then 10% means nothing. It is very possible that many people have tithed without acknowledging that the other 90% belongs to Him as well.We’re in a bit of a quandary here. Is it tithing that acknowledges God owns it all, or it is a circumcised and sacrificial heart that acknowledges God owns it all. Which is it?
  3. Freewill givers do not give as much as tithers
    I am sure that is probably true, but truth is not based on success or results. Let’s take Islam for example. Right now, it is the fastest growing religion in the world, so does that make Islam right and Christianity wrong? I’m even sure many more Muslims are ready to die for their faith than Christians are.(shout out to Achmed the dead terrorist!)One of the reasons tithers follow through with their commitment to give more is because they place themselves under a storm cloud that will strike them with a curse if they disobey. Even though God directly says, “you are no longer under a curse”, tithers still think that God didn’t mean he removed the curse about tithing also.
  4. All scripture is profitable
    If i could define ignorance in one of these arguments listed here, well this is it. This is one of those responses i get when people think i’m just trying to throw out the whole Bible whenever i say that the tithe is no longer valid. Forget the fact that they don’t believe in the Sabbath on Saturday, animal sacrifices, or even clean meats for the same reasons i don’t believe in tithing.This is how it usually goes: I basically tell them that the tithe is no longer commanded, and they basically say, “How dare you throw out God’s Word”. Then comes either one of the two statements: ‘all scripture is profitable’ or ‘i did not come to abolish, but to fulfill’. Why should i even bother asking them why they don’t fulfill the sabbath?. . . sigh. . .
  5. God never Changes
    This kind of goes along with #4 . . . as in why should i even bother asking them why God changed the sabbath, or the priesthood, or the temple. Debating with people over these tithing arguments is like arguing over an algebra equation with a 5 year old when they don’t even understand multiplication. If tithers just stop and think about what they are saying, then they would soon realize that if God never changes in the way that they are implying, then we would still stone our children.This is what i mean when i said ‘thoughtless’ at the beginning of the blog. These tithing arguments are just that – thoughtless.
  6. Where does the Bible say to stop tithing
    It doesn’t say, “stop tithing“. I believe there are over 600 some-odd old testament laws that we do not practice anymore. I would imagine if God took the time to rewrite a verse in the new testament commanding us to stop each law in the Old Testament, then our bible would be a few hundred pages longer.We are born again, adopted in God’s family, indwelled with God’s Spirit, and given a new covenant. On top of all this, the earthly priesthood was eliminated, the temple destroyed, and Judaism is not my religion, nor am i an Israelite; and yet, we find it hard to believe that tithing could have been replaced by Spirit led giving?After all the changes, i think we need to find where the bible says to continue tithing. Don’t you?
  7. Tithing is the starting point
    This philosophy is not even in the bible. First of all, first fruit offerings were given prior to the tithe, so tithes were not even given first. Second, tithes were only given from food and animals, and were not given from occupational income. So, there was no starting point for blacksmiths, lawyers, doctors, or carpenters.Here’s a little saying, that i’ve thought of all by myself (as you can see i’m boasting)
    Where should our giving begin?
    Where should our giving end?
  8. Would you like God’s net or gross blessing?
    No, this is not necessarily an arguement used to defend tithing, but more or less used to persuade those who are tithing, to tithe more. First, this argument exposes the root of why tithing has such a hold on many lives. It is the promise of blessing and the fear of the curse. Who cares about gross or net blessing from God, you should want to do what’s right. Right is either right, and wrong is wrong. There is no gross right, or net wrong.The problem is that those, who are concerned if they should tithe on the gross, ask others who couldn’t give you a biblical answer. So the best thing to do is conjure up a catch phrase that seems to have wisdom embedded in it.
  9. How Much do you give?
    Ah yes, this question is their famous “gotcha” argument. They know that biblical reasoning will not win their argument so they resort to personal attacks because your character is all they have left to attack. I have to admit, this is a tricky one to respond to. First, they have no business investigating what you give. Second, if you happen to give less than a tithe of your income, they let you know, your works do not shine as bright as theirs. Last of all, if you do give above 10%, they will convince you that tithing is the minimum and your conscience knows it.This question is in the ignorant list because either they want to corner you; no, not on biblical truth, but on your performance; and also it is ignorant because anyone should know better than to determine scriptural truth based on the performance of mankind.
  10. We can’t rely on people to be Spirit-led
    This is an ignorant statement that tithers unfortunately believe, and yet ironically in the same sentence they believe the book of Acts is historically accurate. I don’t know, maybe they do believe the book of Acts was a fairy tale. What they are saying is that ‘i don’t trust that people can be Spirit led, but of course, the Christians in the book of Acts are the exception‘.With their ignorant statements, they don’t even realize that they deny the power that God has on his children.  They deny the blood of Christ, and they deny that any Christian can be sacrificial and liberal with their giving while being filled and led by the Spirit of God. What a shame, and what ignorance.
  11. How will the church stay open if we don’t tithe
    There are thousands of non-profit organizations that keep their doors open all year without demanding, or imposing a tithe of their freewill donors. What makes us think that an operation that is commissioned and overseen by God’s almighty hand would fare less than any of these non-profit organizations? Are you kidding me? is your faith that little? It might just be that you have seen your astronomical church budget, and it is in the millions! Yeah, you’re right, if there’s anything that God could struggle with is to continue paying for your worthless, under-performing, humanistic kingdom that does very little in out-reach but a lot of in-reach. In that case, you are right, we probably would see some church doors close. That’s the price you pay when God is in charge of financing his kingdom.

Now i’m looking for your input. But please, if you have anything to say, ignorance is not welcome.

Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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87 comments on “Top Ignorant Statements About Tithing
  1. Garth says:

    Sabbath using “Only Bible scripture”: the 10 Commandments, check them in Bible the Sabbath was given then.
    Tithing:I don’t support or believe I’m required to tithe.
    I never said nurses, Drs, surgeons, emergency workers shouldn’t work on the Sabbath: you supposed that, sarcasm doesn’t make you right!
    Christ showed us we should be doing good on the Sabbath.
    Pharisees were opposed to Christ, I’m not intentionally opposed to Christ!
    How you and I worship is our choice an business; don’t try to bulldust me with an emotional outburst! You just plain ignored answering my questions or addressing my assertions in the spirit with which I raised them. Your passionate about Saturnalia festival, yet don’t give a “hoot” about a God given day of weekly worship. Your use of semantics, starts “You put God” and ends “seance after” would be laughable if it wasn’t expressed by a minister!
    Nowhere did I text: Sabbath is only day to worship God. Your prayer statement days/time limit etc is ridiculous; unrelated to my statements and nonsensical.
    Do you celebrate your wife and kids birthdays on the wrong days? Or better still do you celebrate their birthdays on, let’s say Hitler’s birth date?! As you probably know: Christ’s birth date is unknown by humans, but hey, so what! Using your logic: let’s celebrate His birthday on the date which celebrates a non Christian deity’ a pagan demon associated deity; yep that’s when we’ll celebrate His birthday: on the birthday of an enemy of Christ!
    Furthermore: early Christians NEVER celebrated birthdays. The death date was remembered; birthday observance infiltrated Christianity via Roman Church.
    Now that the ‘gloves are off’ WHAT Christian Church/group/organization do you represent or belong to-I mean name thereof please.

    • Jared Brian says:

      Garth, i asked you to show me in scripture where God asked the “Church” or any “Gentiles” to honor the Sabbath. The word Hebrew word for Sabbath never appeared until it was given to Moses in Exodus 16. You never gave me that verse.

      I know you never said nurses, but since when is a universal law, that transcends the veil between the New and Old Covenants, only applicable under the right circumstances? Is it ok to take Gods name sometimes? is it ok to lust another man’s wife under any special circumstances at all? So why would it ever be OK to dishonor the Sabbath for anyone even if they are a nurse? If the Israelites forgot to pick up enough mana the day before for the Sabbath, do you think God would let them pick up mana on the Sabbath just because they would be hungry? It’s not sarcasm, it’s reasoning that you are not getting here.

      YOU: “your passionate about Saturnalia festival, yet don’t give a “hoot” about a God given day of weekly worship.”
      ME: You are obsessed with this single day of worship. If i sing praises to God every day, what do you suppose i do to make sure Saturday is ‘extra’ special for God? In reality, it was on the Sabbath that God rested. God praised his creation every day of the week. Sunday through Friday, he said “it was good”. The only day he didn’t give praise on was . . . wait for it now. . . guess what? Yep, you guessed it – it was Saturday.

      God didn’t tell anyone what to do on the Sabbath until he told the Israelites how to honor it under the old covenant. Do you even know what Sabbath means? Does it mean “worship”? Does it mean, “Gather together”? Does it mean “Study God’s Word”? Does it mean “Sing Hymns”? No. No. No. and No. You tell me what it means and then explain why again you are so obsessed with worshiping on this day? God didn’t praise his work on that day, the word Sabbath doesn’t even mean ‘worship’, and scripture doesn’t even mention the word Sabbath until the Mosaic Covenant. Yet still, the focal point of Sabbath wasn’t worship, it was rest.

      Was December 25 not God’s day first? It was the Pagan’s who stole December 25th from God. It was not the Christians who stole December 25th from the Pagans. Would you be ok if we celebrated God’s birthday on the 26th? Would that make any difference? I’m assuming you hold the JW’s view of celebrations, so i’m guessing no day is good. God has gotten a lot grumpier in the New Testament. Israel had all kinds of feasts & celebrations, but the only one we get is his death. Is it ok to celebrate weddings even though the bible doesn’t say we can?

      I attend a church every week. I don’t think they categorize themselves as a particular denomination. I’m not a fan of denominations. There’s no scriptural support for it, and i believe it is divisive. We are members of one body, and represent one name, not our denomination.

      • Jared Brian says:

        Actually, i would like to add to this. something occurred to me just now. Saturday is a day of rest for most people. I don’t work on Saturday. It is a day of rest, so am i not honoring the Sabbath? If i rest on Saturday, but worship on Sunday, how would i violate the Sabbath? The Sabbath means ‘rest’. It is you who has redefined it to mean ‘worship’.

  2. Garth says:

    Jared.Your definition of ‘Pagan’ was too ‘airy fairy’ and sophistical for me; the dictionary says, paraphrased: one who isn’t Christian, Jew or Muslim..Those professing other than the Christian religion..Irreligious/heathenish person..Pantheism: identifying spirituality/divinity in nature.. Yep, Dictionary’s better!

  3. Garth says:

    Never been JW; not religious/racial Jew and don’t attend any religious group.
    “Sabbath”:means 7th day of week..Gen.2:2-3. Sanctified/blessed by God..Ex20:8 Remember,as opposed to forget! v11:Blessed/hallowed..Evident BEFORE 10 Commandments given:Ex.16:329..Ex.20:8 +16:28 Before Mt Sinai..Mk 2:27 “Made for MAN; not just the Jews, Jesus: Lord of the Sabbath..Heb.4:3-11. “There remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.” Check ‘sabbatismos’: The Anchor Bible Dict; means keeping of 7th day Sabbath.
    “Nurses”: Jarod, we live in an imperfect world. Hospitals, police/fire stations, military bases etc operate 24/7. Our planet is riddled with illness/accidents,crime and war! Much of which results from sin. However you and I can choose which days we work or don’t. Once I worked amongst Mormons, they wouldn’t [mostly] work Sundays, I did and wouldn’t work Saturdays. Society today and historically has often been so; unless Roman authorities and or other dictators outlawed the Sabbath. Jarod, each of us works out our OWN walk of faith “in fear and trembling”.Ergo, I choose what I do, regarding Christianity; am not responsible for how others live religiously speaking. Some choose to work on Sabbath, some won’t, others believe 8th day is [impossible] the Sabbath! Then there’s those believing no day has any importance over the other 6; its individual choice Jarod.
    “Worship” on the Sabbath: your statement disregards the Biblical/historical facts of Christians assembling on the Sabbath in Church meetings.Why does the term “rest” to you, mean one cannot attend Church? I suspect most Bible scholars know “rest” in Sabbath context means cessation of work!
    “December 25th.” Suspect you’re being facetious; you seem intelligent, so benefit of doubt given. December from Latin, originally meant ten, wasn’t named by God/Christians. I suppose you mean all days are God’s and drew your ridiculous conclusion! Sophistry is an obvious ‘tool’ of yours: Dec 25th was/is a celebration of non Christian deity’s birth date! An enemy of Christ’s birth date! An act if idol worship!
    “Weddings”: surprised you mentioned that. Heard of Cana? There was a wedding there; Christ performed His 1st NT miracle there! Would’ve been good chance for Him to condemn/forbid the celebration, using your logic, that is.
    My point about celebrating your wife/kids’ birthdays on an enemy’s birth date,using Hitler’s birthday as an example. Is allegorically intended as example with celebrating an enemy of Christ’s: birthday and claiming it as Christ’s! We’ll remain agreeing to disagree…Vale.

  4. Garth says:

    Jared. “Saturday is rest day for most people.” You’re seriously out of touch with the world beyond your ‘pulpit.’IF that’s your real belief. Buddy ‘Sabbath’:7th day of the week. God created the Sabbath…Sunday:1st day of the week, or if you prefer ‘day of the sun.’..Hard to believe a seemingly intelligent minister[?]: you, believes most folk are resting according to scripture, on Sabbath or if you prefer ‘Saturday,’ from the pagan idol Saturn!
    C’mon: off your stool + out of your corner, head down + hands up! Go for it Rocky!

  5. Garth says:

    Amen brother!

  6. Garth says:

    Jared. Do you believe the Roman Catholic Church represents God?

  7. Garth says:

    Jared, What’s your opinion,based on scriptural understanding: the Four Horsemen of Revelation?

  8. Garth says:

    Jared. Do you believe the 10 Commandments are required observance by God, for us today?

    • Tarquin says:

      Jared. Although you and Garth have definitely fallen out. Garth’s questions raised curiosity. Any chance you’ll answer his questions, three areas…[1] Roman Catholic Church representing God….
      [2] Four Horsemen of the Book of Revelation….[3] Ten Commandments, does God require us to obey them today?….Expect you’ll understand there are some of us who do or may find those three challenging.

      • Jared Brian says:

        Tarquin. I see that you have the same email and the same IP address as garth. So, not interested in responding to either one of you, if you are in fact two different people.

  9. Jared Brian says:

    as i said, you and i disagree about fundamentals and philosophy of God’s Word.

  10. Garth says:

    You and I disagree about the personal pronoun ‘I’ being presented as ‘i’ during textual discourse. Is that practice to indicate your extreme humility and lack of vanity? Or is there [I suspect] a deeper, religious schema thereto? Surely you’re ‘big enough’ to answer that for me? I and or i, reckon you’re presently suffering with ‘knotted knickers’ syndrome over our differing religious viewpoints. Even if your knickers are in a knot; shouldn’t stop you answering the ‘I’ or ‘i’ question: “Aye aye?!” We could agree that in the interests of practicing sophistry and for neutrality. If you and I or ‘i’ are textually interacting we agree to only use ‘eye.’ I’m prepared to accept “aye” as our word for neutrality sake we’d both have to agree on which ‘I, i, aye or eye’ we use though.

    Along these lines: should Satan be referred to as ‘he’ or ‘it’? Hint: ‘he’ or ‘she’imply gender–over to you, young Jarod.

    • Jared Brian says:

      I type the lower case i out of lazyness. One less key to enter. Sometimes I make the.mistake of capitalizing due to old habits. I could care less what gender satan is or is not called. Its not important to me as it is to u. I’m sure u have something to input though . . .

  11. Garth says:

    Well, I tried! You guys: usually fold under Bible question pressure…Taa; you can’t answer the *BIG questions. But hey, they * cause me problems too!

  12. Garth says:

    When you’re alone + meditating Jared. ASK YOURSELF : WHY’RE THESE QUESTIONS SO CHALLENGING + RESULT IN YOUR INABILITY TO ANSWER?!…Relax, I’ve realized this website: waste of time!…Vale

  13. Jared Brian says:

    Go home and take your meds please.

    • Garth says:

      jared, don’t be like that! Its unbecoming, Tarquin’s been following our theological debate.He wondered what you feel about SDA theology: hence his questions. Beyond your ‘pulpit,’ there are actually often, more that one human at a PC site, maybe you should get out more? Just sayin’. Oh + to coin a phrase from my part of town + in the spirit of your immature ‘med’ crack. Suggest jared, you avail yourself of the services of a good taxidermist! jared: impressed, you’ve not blocked me , yet.

    • Helen says:

      I’m a user of the same PC Tarquin used for his three questions. I’m on medication for arthritus and a few other health issues; not mental, thank God. So please try not to be sarcastic to me, I would never to you!. Garth has reacted to your ‘meds’ remark in a way I find disagreeable; but he’s his own man, makes his own choices.
      Jared, as a feminist, me not you. Do you believe its Biblically ok for women to preach in Church? Scripture states not.
      This is important to me and husband Tarquin; has been some friction over this matter.

  14. Ruth says:

    Jared. I’m Garth’s sister; share PC use with parents-Tarquin and Helen. So the email and IP address will be the same when we use the PC. Its same address now while I’m texting, that’s the way these things often work Jared.
    Healthy constructive theological debate can often be good for the actors involved. Found this can be this way on your website here. Shame to see you become sarcastic and insulting reacting to honest questions and go for the questioner. I’m not meaning to be insulting. My reaction to your sarcasm and ‘med’ crack would’ve been far milder than my brother’s and wouldn’t have ‘gone’ for you. But, mum’s correct, he’s his own man and does it his way. Probably being on medications for illness, not mental, aroused his wrath. Garth, in a calmer mood and upon reflection, possibly as your good self, would realize, as may your good self. That allowing theological debate to degenerate that way, was actually un Christian?
    Perhaps, now smoke cleared,dust settled and egos salved. Answers if not to Garth’s, hopefully mum, Helen’s question? If not, I understand, you’re,like Garth only human.

    • Jared Brian says:

      This is a blog about tithing & stewardship. if there is a question about that topic, then i will respond; If not, then seek answers elsewhere.


    Russell Kelly, a Baptist scholar did is Doctorate on Tithing.
    He just release this article on Tony Evans in response to his biblical “Reversing the Curse video.

    Dr. Russell’s two hour film documentary can be viewed at:

    Dr. Russell Kelly also wrote an expose on TD Jakes:

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