Judgmental Statements About Freewill Givers

Judgmental Statements About Freewill Givers

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The wrath and judgment that spews out of the mouth of others is pretty astounding when i tell them that i do not believe in tithing. You get this bitter vibe coming from them. To be honest it resembles the attitude of an incarcerated person that is bitter about the freedom of others. An incarcerated person develops an envy that consumes their thoughts about other people who have more freedom. They think it’s ‘not fair’; and that every person should be under an equal amount of bondage.

Because they are under this bondage they start judging others while slinging illogical attacks at a freewill giver. All a tither wants to do is find some character flaw inside of you to show that they are better than you. It’s amazing how much an incarcerated person resembles an individual who is also under the bondage of tithing. Let’s talk about three different judgmental statements that tithing supporters accuse of freewill givers.

1. Freewill givers do not give as much as tithers do

There are no statistics to either deny or confirm this claim. Although, there are statistics out there that speak about the number of people who believe in tithing, and how many actually practice it. The result is somewhat surprising since the amount who believe in it is much higher than the amount who actually give it. I’m not sure how you can believe something but not practice it? This pretty much sums up the faith without works is dead thing, huh.

If we solely look at the Old Testament and compare the tithers with non-tithers, you could assume that tithers gave more than non-tithers. But in the Old Testament, only farmers and herdsman were required to tithe on their increase. This means that bankers, lawyers, doctors, blacksmiths and carpenters didn’t give a single mite towards tithing. So, yeah, i guess that a carpenter in the old testament probably gave less than a tither did. If you think that this is unfair, don’t get mad at me; this is God’s law, blame him.

2. Freewill givers just use that as an excuse to not give.

This is probably the most irritating one on the list; although it pains me to admit that their judgmental statements actually irritate me. Tithing supporters automatically assume i do not want to give anything, and in order to do that, they think i sit around coming up with excuses not to give. If I really did not want to give, there are a billion other excuses that are not biblically based. But why would i study the bible for hundreds of hours and write books and scripture verses supporting my claims only just to get an excuse out of giving. Look, if i wanted a way out of giving, i can find an easier way; and i’m certainly not going to seek the answer from God. Here are some good, legitimate excuses i could use:

  • I have a very sick child with lots of medical bills
  • my car needs repair
  • my house needs a roof
  • my child needs a good education.
  • The church just spends the money on lavish stuff
  • the pastor and his staff has a bigger house and better car than i do
  • i have lots of debt.
  • and hundreds more .  .  .

I do think some may use the fact that tithing is not required as an excuse to not give, but isn’t it obvious that they are ignoring other ways that scripture calls us to give as well?

If you know anything about the Old Testament, you know that Israel struggled with tithing, regardless. The command to tithe doesn’t solve greed in anyone’s heart. This is obvious in Jesus’ statement in Matthew 23 when he called the Pharisees “Lovers of Money” in-spite of the fact that they were experts at tithing.

3. Freewill givers do not love God or his Word.

Most tithers look at me as some sort of heretic.They go on to say that i just want to throw out scripture, and that i do not believe the Old Testament is relevant. Typically, 2 Timothy 3:16 is slapped in my face as if i have denounced and blasphemed the Holy Spirit’s influence upon the original writers of scripture. Or the other good one is that “Jesus came to fulfill the law, not abolish it”.

I wish these guys would just stop and think about their hypocritical accusations. It’s annoying to even answer these frivolous statements. I might as well be standing in front of them lighting a match to the dead sea scrolls.

Do you think that someone who hates God’s Word would actually use it in defense of what they believe? I believe the Bible is very clear about the requirement not to tithe, so i could accuse tithing supporters of disregarding scripture.

The whole point of this is to show how these accusations are baseless and how these type of attacks are used to divert the focus off pro-tithing errors. If you believe that tithing is NOT required, then be ready to be accused of these statements above. If you DO believe in tithing, please, let’s not divert attention away from the truth; so let’s discuss the interpretation and meaning of scripture instead of wasting time with these petty accusations.

Jared Brian is the author of www.tithing.com. There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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3 comments on “Judgmental Statements About Freewill Givers
  1. Chris says:

    Most tithers give because they fear a curse from God if they don’t……this is like paying protection money to a mafia boss. Is this what they think God is like….it’s sick!

    We do not need insurance against offending God…..Jesus did it all for us on the cross. I trust HIS works and not my own.

    Tithing is PROOF of a lack of faith….that because of Jesus we CANNOT be cursed.

    Are you afraid not to tithe?….then you are in FEAR and not faith!


  2. DANNY says:

    WHY WON’T YOU FOLK TELL ME WHO/WHAT DENOMINATION YOU ARE?…THIS. MY 3RD ATTEMPT. advise asap. Or to m,lose credibility!

    • jjordan says:

      I’m sure there is are a great many denomintations represented on this site. I would consider myself non-denomintational and have worked at and attended several denominations.

      May I ask why you are asking?

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