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I haven’t done so officially yet, but i was just thinking the other day about writing a testimony about how i came to my conclusion about tithing. I guess what prompted this was when i had mentioned to someone that i used to tithe. They asked me what reasons did i switch my views on tithing and if it had anything to do with the abuse of money in the church. Typically people ask questions like that because they wanted to see if my tithing stand was born out of ill conceit. Most people think that if your opposition sprouted from rebellion then they think that your argument is not legitimate. I’m sure there are many people out there today that believe in Spirit-led giving because they questioned abuse in the church. I’m sure some of them are still rebellious and bitter about it. But let’s not throw out the truths that we find even though they are found in the doubting moments of the church.

My tithing testimony doesn’t include a rebellious foundation. I grew up in a church that was very good with money. We had no debt, and we had great outreach. We didn’t have the bells and whistles, like coffee shops and stage lighting like most seeker sensitive churches, but we still had more than what we needed. I remember the church going into debt only once because the school needed classrooms. It was a facility that cost only 1 million dollars and was well worth the cost for the students of a complete high school and church to constantly use.

So anyways back to my testimony, i got my first job at 16 at an ice cream shop. My very first paycheck i tithed on. I tithed from then all the way through the end of college. I didn’t question it. My parents had tithed all their lives and so i would as well. I really didn’t even know what verses that tithing was commanded from, but i tithed anyways. I am glad that i gave all that money, and there are no regrets there. The only thing i regret to tell you about my tithing testimony is that i was living by a law and i didn’t know why. It was automatic.

There’s been some controversy today about ATM tithing and automated debits for your offering. People are afraid that since the money is not physically placed in an offering plate that we will be out of tune with the heart of giving. But with how tithing is automated today, what difference does it make if you blindly press a button on the internet, or you just blindly sign a check? If there is no spiritual interaction involved it doesn’t matter if you have automatic withdrawals or you place cold hard cash in a gold offering plate as it passes by.

Let me tell you that one of the hardest things for me was to tithe my income when i was paying my way through college. Most people have it harder than i did, but i paid for my own gas, insurance, vehicle, entertainment, tuition, and books. My parents gave me a place to stay and eat for free, but they didn’t give me anything extra. Over one summer i had three jobs and was working about 70 hours a week. Regardless of how hard i worked i still had to take out some loans. Luckily it was only about 1 years worth of school debt

I mentioned that my parents had tithed all their lives, but let me just reassure you that God didn’t throw money out of the sky at our family. We probably just barely made it. I could honestly tell you that my parents probably had more credit cards than i actually get in offers in a year. They were extremely in debt! And managed to steal my credit and get me in debt as well, but that’s beside the point. The point i want to bring up is actually a question. Let’s say that my parents gave only 4% to the church, but were excellent in their finances and paid all their bills on time? How would God judge them? Of course they did the opposite, but what do you think God judges more severely – not tithing or getting in debt? Hmmm, good question, but that’s not how God judges our stewardship. You see God doesn’t have a checklist of requirements that we need to meet before we’ve become acceptable to him. Remember the steward that was left in charge of 2 talents while his master was gone? He buried the talents and when his master returned, he gave 100% of the talents back. A good steward is an investor, not a giver, not a bill payer, not a returner.

This is essentially what i did with my money. I was a giver, not an investor. An investor is Spirit-led, but a giver follows directions from a dead law.

So as i was saying about my tithing testimony in college. At the end of college i became involved in a fellowship that challenged and fed me. We did lots of ministry together. One day a friend confronted us about tithing. He said that tithing is not required of New Testament Christians. I immediately argued with him. Of course i didn’t agree. I couldn’t have been wrong all these years. After all, tithing is commanded in the bible, right? After that i began to search the scriptures to prove him wrong. The more and more i studied, the more and more, i couldn’t prove him wrong. It was the craziest thing! I kept going over and over scriptures. I kept questioning my reasoning. There’s just no way that this much of the church has been wrong for so long about tithing. Then it hit me. What was the number one thing that Jesus talked about in the bible? It wasn’t heaven, hell, hatred, the tongue, lying, or satan. It was money.

Outside of the Holy Spirit and the Word, money is the most powerful and influential substance known to mankind. If there is anything that the church can be wrong about, it’s gotta be about money.

So i’ve been heavily studying and discussing tithing since 2005. I started a tithing website, started this blog, and started a tithing group in order to get the word out. Hopefully one day, i will write a book.

I cannot tell you the amount of growing and learning that God has given me over the past years. I wish i could just take a portion of my heart, soul, and mind and let you see the truths that God has spoken to me about Spirit-led giving. My passion on this subject is what keeps me writing about it so much. If this truth was not so alive in me i wouldn’t be able to write as much as i do. Right now, i believe there are over 180 blog articles that have been written here since 2006. Each day there are about 245 unique visitors, 3280 hits, and 175 google searches. That is another thing that keeps me motivated about this site. I know people are searching for the truth.

I am convinced to my grave that Spirit-led giving is what God intended for his Children under the New Covenant. Would i remain open to a new evidence that tithing is required for us, well, sure! I have listened to hundreds of sermons, and read dozens of books on tithing, so i’m not sure that much of anything new is out there to reveal, but an open mind is there, believe it or not. I hope my tithing testimony encourages some. Please share your testimony as well. It will encourage me and others.

Jared Bartholomew is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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190 comments on “My Tithing Testimony
  1. blessings says:

    I have read some of the comments but not all since I only have a little time to read.I wanted to share a little something though, It is the joy of giving my tenth that keeps me going in tithing. No matter what the arguments are, If you have a relationship with the Lord and the Holy Spirit convicts you to give your tenth, whether or not you will, is entirely up to you.
    We have received grace and therefore we are not bound. But it is the joy of giving that should speak to our mind and heart.

    • RPoole says:

      Quick Summary of “Tithing in Today’s Economy”, by Rhonda Poole

      Have you found that your belief in tithing has wavered, over the last several years? With the world’s economy slowing at a record rate, it can send fear to all of us. It may be tempting to slow down the amount you give or even stop, all together. Some of you may have wondered about what the tithe really is, what it means or even if it is truly biblical. I believe that the word of God is alive today, and it never contradicts itself. Beginning to realize as a tither, the fact we live in God’s economy and not in the worlds, may be just where you need to begin. If we believe His word is true and practice this (faith building) principle, we have a promise. By sharing our personal testimony of all we have gone through, over the last nine years of our marriage and the way God always provided for us, I pray you can find some encouragement. God’s promise is still here today, waiting for you to reach out and to take hold. This book is based on a true story, coming from the divine inspiration of the Lord and is being used for His glory.

      The above is a summary of a book I have written, based on my husband’s and my testimony. It is our story, and is really not up for debate. It has been written to help and inspire anyone that is tithing or considering taking a step of faith to begin. I am fully aware of all the comments above that show how some do not believe in this faith building principle. That is your opinion and this is our testimony. If it works for you to not tithe, that is great. But, please don’t tear anyone down that believes in it. We should be building eachother up, the world tears us down enough. God bless us all, during this journey of faith.

      If you are interested in reading more, please visit my facebook page(link below) for more information. Any negative comments will be removed. Thank you and have a wonderful, faith-filled day!…RP

    • Lenny says:

      It is very interesting to see that people want to associate the Holy Spirit with tithing. If you search the New Testament where the promised Holy Spirit is the Teacher, none of the Holy Spirit’s students, the apostles, never tought tithing at all, not even once. The Holy Spirit delivered the message of the Father’s approved giving in Acts 2:41-47 and Acts 4: 31-37. That is the Holy Spirit inspired giving and those who wanted to disrupt it with craftiness, Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5:1-11, were eliminated.
      When delivering the judgment against Ananias and his wife for lying to the HOLY SPIRIT, and to God, Peter made it clear that no one falsed the couple to sell their property. In short, the selfless giving and sharing is the Holy Spirit’s inspired and instituted and God’s approved method of the New Testament giving that has been ignored in preference for the out dated tithe. The New Testament way of giving is uniting, and causes the cheerful givers and joyful recipients bond together to praise God. Moreover, Ananias and Sapphira gave more than a tenth and yet they paid for craftiness with their lives. Perhaps many of us have never thought about this. Well, there it is in black and white for all to read and see The Holy Spirit’s approve giving. Please, check for more biblical facts on tithing in my book: The Tithing Dilemma and THE TRIUMPHS OF LOVE. If you support tithing, how will you explain Ananias and Sapphira’s behaviour and the Holy Spirit’s swift action?

  2. pauline says:

    Good people, debate is healthy. I am a tither and it is because i believe it to be what God requires of me. As Christians, the real difference between us and other faiths is that ours is in real time, we can reach out to God whenever, wherever through his Holy spirit for answers to anything, and he does answer us when we seek. I would say tithing has worked for me so far, and i always recommend it to others as a good principle and investment. Christ said Give, and it will come back to you, good measure pressed down,shaken together and riding over. This for me is a guarantee offer that i can rely on when i need to as God always and without fail honors his word. If you think it is business with God, then he Himself has invited us to transact. I would say obey what you know to be right in your heart through the word, what you have been taught and above all, ask the Holy spirit to guide you as he always shows us the way forward. Let us not be so taken with right and wrong, Old and New, as we have an ever present guide, make good use of Him!

    • Lenny says:

      Pauline, the tithe might have worked for you, but may not be the Father’s approved way of giving. Please read my post above and come back with New Testament scriptures to support your argument. You must prove that the Spirit’s inspired giving in Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:31-37 is not the believers standard. Also you need to explain why those who wanted to derail that type of giving where drastically delt with in Acts 5:1-11. The giving the Lord wants is one where ALL must benefit; not the church as a building or one man above others in need. Who benefits from your tithe?

  3. John C Ioanes says:

    All I can say is John D. Roccafella and if your serious about the tithe it works

  4. John says:

    I tithed faithfully for years until I read the bible for myself in context and came to realize tithing was never our money.
    The other day I ran into an old friend who tithes. I told him I don’t. He then told me about how Mary k Baxter and others said they saw non tithers in hell for not tithing. I asked him to back these false visions from the bible.
    He had no scripture to back up his point but said he wasn’t going to take the chance by not tithing. So I told him that, just in case Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross wasn’t good enough your going to tithe your way out of hell. That is complete blasphemy. The sacrifice of Jesus is all that can save us and bless us. Jesus died on the cross to redeem us from the curse of the law which includes tithing.
    Tithing for the most part is rooted in fear. Most people are afraid to stop giving a non biblical monetary tithe because they are in bondage to a man made law being taught as doctrine.
    Let every man give as HE purposes in HIS heart. We as christians were set free from the law by Jesus to give what WE choose!!!!
    So much to say but too much for here!
    God bless

    Thanks for the website


    • ROCKO ... says:

      the letter that was written to the gentiles was and is for us to understand that [only these necessary things] are required and know that you are blessed in many ways . PLEASE READ ACTS 15 ABOUT THE LETTER WRITTEN TO YOU IT ANSWERED THE TITHING PROBLEM FOR ME/////////// PREACHERS WILL NOT TEACH THE LETTER BECAUSE IT WILL SET YOU FREE AND TAKE THE YOKE OFF THE LETTER IS YOUR KEY TO UNLOCK THIS PROBLEM AND THAT IS WHY THE NEW TESTIMENT CHURCH DID NOT PAY TITHES / LIVE FREE

  5. Germaine says:

    I used to tithe regularly as well, but I heard a pastor say that God was not talking to us when He spoke on tithing in the bible. That struck me and so I started to study the Word for myself on the tithe and I was blown away! When I brought this to the attention of my pastor, I was stripped of my positions in the church and told that because tithing was required for all of the leaders I could no longer hold a leadership position. Never once was I told that what I discovered was incorrect or false but because I chose not to be obedient to the teachings of the pastor I could not keep my leadership positions. That said a lot to me. It showed me that having position in the church was predicated on how much I gave. I never said that I was not going to continue to give in support of my church but only that I didn’t agree with what I had been told about being “cursed with a curse” because of money and I didn’t believe tithing was required for us today. I had to do a lot of praying after this because I was really confused; because up until that time I thought my pastor would have handled this matter differently and with more discussion with me but there was none. I thought about leaving that church but I didn’t believe that is what God wanted me to do at that time. I am still at this church but I don’t pay tithes I give a generous “freewill” offering and I believe that God appreciates my giving. There is a whole lot more I could say about this issue but until people really see for themselves the Awesomeness of what Christ did through His death, burial and resurrection for us, we will always have these trivial arguments about money. It’s not about us,it’s about JESUS!

  6. JSTOM says:

    I have a very sad story to tell. My pastor was a tithing man and proudly preaches about the need to tithe. His own family life was a picture of blessing. His two college going children were on the door step to professional careers. He was even ‘spirituality arrogant’ like he’s got God round his finger. Then it happened!
    His favourite daughter suddenly took ill and died of a rare disease within two days. Needless to say the parents, especially the father specially was devastated. He shouted at God ‘why, why, why is this happening to me ?’ Haven’t i kept my side of the bargain? ‘
    Now, he has withdrawn much and never talks about tithing .

  7. I have one thing to say to the people who tithe. If God spoke to you and said give 1,000, will your fqith allow for you to do this? Be honest..

    • JSTOM says:

      Yes, we must be prepared to give 100% to whoever (not necessarily church) if we are confident God has spoken to us. A non tither.

      • Leonard Bupanda says:

        Abram gave the tenth of the loot. But Abraham was asked to give 100% and he obeyed and offered to give his only son Isaac. In the new Testament, read Romans 12:1,2. If we do that, then giving will never be a problem.

  8. Jayson says:

    It’s a command of God for us to Tithe in Malachi 3:10. I strongly believe that we need to obey God in giving tithes because if we do not do that we are disobeying God. He also said that we are robbing God when we don’t give our Tithes. What is wrong in giving our tithes to God, you will just give 10% of the blessing that God gave you. Whatever you have is from God. You have something because God gave you.

    • Sharryl E. Kokoska says:

      Jayson, instead of reading a verse or two as to what you have been taught start reading Chapters 2 and 3. If you understand the context of scripture you will see that the priests were being rebuked for robbing God, not the people.

    • Leonard Bupanda says:

      Brother Jayson, God loved us and gave us His Son Jesus Christ, 100% ( John 3:16). Then Christ loved us and gave Himself for us (Gal. 2:20; Eph 5:25; 1 Cor. 6:20; 1Pet.1:18,19; another 100%. So, then the question is, is our salvation only worth 10%. What price will you place on it? Therefore, gave as you purpose in your heart. Do not burden your self. After all, many of us are giving to the wrong people. Read your scriptures to find out whom we should give to.


      God bless

  9. John Stephens says:

    Please read this article at by Ken Lawson.

    It clearly shows that tithing was not for all people under the Old Covenant. Malachi 3:10 is usually taken out of context and misunderstood to teaching tithing for all New Covenant believers.

    The last point of the article is “According to Deuteronomy 14:22,23,28; 26:12; and Amos 4:4, the tithe was only given every three years”

    People please read your Bibles and quit relying on one verse here or one verse there or just what your preacher tells you (even if his intentions are godly and well intended for good).

  10. Abigail says:

    I believe that tithing and obedience goes hand in hand so if you tithe and no reults occur then you have to ask yourself if you are at fault i have also been tithing and i have seen big results all the time GOD cannot lie and HIS promises stands so examine yourself coz GOD says obedience is better then offerings.

    • Blanche Seyisi says:

      My dear you are preaching works. If you say Tithe and God will do back for you. If you don’t tithe there are other hinderances in your life. It is not the Gospel. God says if you love me you will obey. Not if you tithe. Where in scripture does tithing tie to God’s generosity towards His children? Nothing in the new testament church speaks of tithing but there is plenty on giving. Law vs Grace. If you tithe you must go back to the WHOLE law of Moses. The best giving example is in the book of acts where the people gave so that no one was in need. Tithing can limit us. Giving requires an even bigger heart.

    • Leonard Bupanda says:

      Dear Abigail, Certainly obedience is better than sacrifice. The problem is that you are obeying what you, as a gentile believer, are not required to do. The tithe in Malachi 3;10 was: 1. From the land that the Lord gave to the children of Israel and not from any where else. 2. Only the tribes of the children of Israel were required to to tithe, to help the Levites who had no land for inheritance. In that case God provided for them through the tithe. Are you a child of Israel? If so, what tribe do you come from? 4. What land do you get your tithe from?

      5. The tithe consisted of food: grains, fruits, animals and other ground produce from the land within Israel, and not from outside. Is this the case today?

      6. If you trust the word of God, where is it written that gentiles should tithe?

      7. Where is it written that people should give money as a tithe? Which scripture?

      8. Vocational trades and professionals never tithed. So, why should you tithe?

      9. Where is it written that believers in Christ Jesus must tithe?

      It will be interesting to get your replies to these questions with all honesty, my sister, if you truly trust in the authority of the scriptures.

      The last challenge is for you to find out how many times Jesus taught about giving alms and why we have ignored His teaching. Please kindly respond to these one by one. God bless.

  11. Brian Pedro. says:

    I do believe in the giving of tithing i have been working for 40 years,I have never got a promotion really since i have became a tither .
    God really provide for me i do not earn a lot of money but the little that i earn i have become faithful to God .My wife does not work she is a house wife.And i am the only bread winner in the house. What i want to share with those out there test God in your tithe and see how he will open the flood gates of heaven for you .God help me to pay of my bond i have send my son through varsity for three years ,God is great and what he has promise in his word he will do. If i was tell you out there you will be shocked about the greatness of my God which i serve ,Many times my boss wanting to get rid of me i knew that satan are using him but here iam after 40 years in this place yesterday 1/3/2016.Thanks.

  12. Mel says:

    Hello, I am thinking I am doing it so wrong. I am the MD of our private company and the one day I started giving 10% on each and every deposit that arrived. God said test me in this, and I just closed my eyes and no matter what the expenses, if a mere R50.00 was deposited that very same day a R5.00 got transferred to our local church where we prefer to attend services. God said test me, every month I can pay the bills and I am not yet drawing a salary. I am just not getting the breakthrough that I am so desperately waiting for. Help me understand and guide me to change my attitude if I have it all wrong. Thank you so much.

    • Leonard Bupanda says:

      Please go to my reply to Abigail’s post above. I would like you to examine the questions I have posed above and provide the answers with scriptures. If you cannot find the scriptures, then you that tithing in the New Testament is the work of religious minds, and not from God. The teaching of Christ, the Son of God is: “Give alms from such things as you have.” (Luke 11:41, Matt. 6:1-3). We get the illustration of this from Luke 10:29-37. Many of us would rather follow the prophet than obey Christ. We shall have a lot to explain some day.

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