Why is Giving Down?

Giving Statistics Down

Barna’s statistics recently came out about giving trends over the past year. I just recently posted my thoughts about that as well. Here is the question, Why is giving down? Is it because of a bad economy? Is it because of gas prices? Is it because pastors aren’t preaching tithing enough? Probably due to the backlash against tithing, i’m sure pastors are preaching more about tithing. they have to keep up with the grandeur religious empires. After all it’s all about building the kingdom of ?_______?

Tithing is a simple solution for stewardship in a church. All a pastor has to do is make sure his people know they are required to tithe, and then increase the number of people. Viola! you have your church a steady budget to grow with. It’s very easy. The more people, the more offering you get. If people start questioning the use of the money, just make them happy with free coffee and donuts for a week or two. I think i’ll make a blog post about how to fool people into giving more money. Anyways, so all that a pastor has to do is make sure his people know that tithing is important to your relationship with God, and then make sure that you have lots of people. On the other hand, if you had Spirit-led giving, you couldn’t get away with that. A pastor would need to make sure that his people are in a right and full relationship with God. Once they were in that position, then the giving would follow suit. Not only that it verifies that the church leadership is going in a direction that the people are being called by the Spirit to pay for.

So why is giving down? Maybe it’s because pastors are less concerned with the relationship that their congregation has with God and are more concerned with keeping their empire flourished. I don’t know. For those of you out there, that are just gritting your teeth about my attitude towards pastors, just take a deep breath, because i greatly recognize that many pastors have kept their church on the right track.

Why should it matter that the economy is bad or that gas is $5 a gallon. If the people of God are right with God then why should our giving struggle?

Jared Bartholomew is the author of www.tithing.com. There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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34 comments on “Why is Giving Down?
  1. Tim says:

    The Lord wants us to give from our hearts. All of the money is His anyway…we are just stewards of the funds He allows us to have. If we do not have the right attitude about giving back to Him what is already His, He does not want it or need it.
    However, if we have the right heart and give with joy and liberality, He will take whatever that amount is…and multiply it several times over!
    God has put us here for one reason…the to tell others about His salvation for all. If we are not using all our resources to bring the gospel to all the ethnic groups around the world, we are dishonoring Him! We have a lot of work to do!

  2. kimber says:

    can not pay bills like gas water light they will shut off but you your tithing

  3. Tom says:

    Why giving is going down in the church? I learned the story of a pastor from Kosovo, a small country in Europe which belonged to the former Yugoslavia. This pastor used to travel across Europe, visiting every church he could get and telling them how poor they were. Every church believed everything that this pastor was telling them. And later you could see on photographs the pastor’s teenaged son sitting amid a cluster of high-end computers doing some multimedia tasks for that so-called “poor” church. This teenager had possibilities that no other child in that church had – just because he was the son of the pastor. Why is giving going down? Because the wealth that is re-distributed in churches doesn’t go to everyone, but only to a very small privileged group.

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