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Those Who Disagree With Tithing

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I have just released a page with quotes and links to sources of prominent theologians, pastors, evangelists, authors, churches & Christian organizations who have outwardly spoken against tithing. You can read the information here: https://www.tithing.com/those-who-disagree-with-tithing/ Here are some quotes below “In

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Athletes & the Prosperity Gospel – 2

This is more in-depth video on ESPN’s inquire into Athletes and Evangelists yesterday. I don’t think i could write another commentary on this vomit again after my blog post yesterday. I need some time to cool off my blood pressure.

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Athletes and Evangelists Cross Paths

On ESPN, John Barr  did a special on rich athletes who give large sums of the tithe to their churches. The videos of the excerpt and a link to the ESPN article are posted below. First i will get into

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Senate Panel Probes 6 Top Televangelists

Well, it looks like the senate committee in the national government is getting more involved in the matters of the church. CBS news talks about this story here. I have been saying for some time that this was going to

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