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Continue or Fulfilled: A Litmus Test

litmus test

Surprisingly, 2000 years after the book of Galatians was written we’re still finding ourselves debating law vs grace, fulfilled vs destroyed, old vs new. Very frustrating! I know! The debate on what laws Christ fulfilled and which ones He expanded

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Difference Between Spirit-led, Freewill, & Grace Giving

comparison of apple and orange

I hate being picky about terminology, but i feel this issue is important enough to be picky about. Many non-tithers use the terms “freewill giving”, “Spirit led giving”, and “grace giving” to describe how they give. The only problem is

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EXPELLED: No Grace Allowed

How many of you have been out to see the documentary on intelligent design by Ben Stein? I went to see it last week. It was very practical and i enjoyed it. Anyways, that’s not the point of the post

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Tithe by Law. . .More Under Grace

ten commandment tablets

Someone asked this question the other day: “If it was 10% by law why would it not be 10% or more under Grace?” New Testament grace was not intended to bring about a NEW revelation that we should happily give

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