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Tithing is For Liberals

hillary's logo used for liberal tithing

I love politics and philosophical debates about it, so right off the bat, i am NOT apologizing – this will offend many of you (Republicans & Democrats, Liberals & Conservatives). If you are a pansy and can’t take logic and reason,

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Bible Verses About Spirit Led Giving

Because of my stand against the tithing mandate, many have asked me for bible verses that support Spirit led giving. So I’ve compiled a list of the more obvious bible verses that i believe support Spirit led giving as opposed

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Incompatible Systems: Tithing v. Holy Spirit

Could you imagine if God told the Israelites to use the laws in the Roman tax code to pay for the Levitical service in the temple? I’m sure a lot of objections come to mind right now. here are a

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Except for Spirit Led Giving

Except We ask the Spirit of God to . . . guide our hearts bring utterance heal the sick save the souls train us help us with decisions open doors rise up leaders build the Church We ask the Spirit

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Difference Between Spirit-led, Freewill, & Grace Giving

comparison of apple and orange

I hate being picky about terminology, but i feel this issue is important enough to be picky about. Many non-tithers use the terms “freewill giving”, “Spirit led giving”, and “grace giving” to describe how they give. The only problem is

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