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Street Collectionism

We’ve all heard of ‘steet evangelism’, but have you heard of ‘street collectionism’? Since passing the plate around every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night isn’t enough; the queen bee sends out the drones on the busiest intersections to

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You Can’t Fake Giving

printing fake money

I’ve been reading a PDF document called, “A guide to New Testament Giving” by Jim McClarty and want to share a great quote from the e-book.         Do you want to know something I’ve learned from years

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Christian Financial Counselors V. Tithing

I’m sitting here right now trying to think of a way to transition all the thoughts going through my mind, so this post might get a little bumpy and random. I have Google tithing alerts sent to my email every

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The Church is a Spoiled Brat

“If everyone in the Church gave 10% of their income, the Church would have an additional 50 billion a year to do missions, feed the poor, provide clean water and medical supplies, etcetera . . . etcetera . . .

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Bible Verses About Spirit Led Giving

Because of my stand against the tithing mandate, many have asked me for bible verses that support Spirit led giving. So I’ve compiled a list of the more obvious bible verses that i believe support Spirit led giving as opposed

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