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Sermons for Stewardship Month

January is typically the beloved stewardship month for all churches. It’s the month where all the building projects and dreams are laid out on the table, and drooled over. This is also the month where tithing sermons are preached on

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Difference Between Spirit-led, Freewill, & Grace Giving

comparison of apple and orange

I hate being picky about terminology, but i feel this issue is important enough to be picky about. Many non-tithers use the terms “freewill giving”, “Spirit led giving”, and “grace giving” to describe how they give. The only problem is

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Giving Statistics

Giving Statistics Chart

I fished through some articles and some statistics and compiled the most interesting statistics in one post. These statistics will make you think, question, and doubt the responsibility of your leaders. I will admit, these giving statistics are not pretty,

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Thanksgiving and Greed

Well, i haven’t blogged in a while. . . for good reasons might i add. . . First off, October – November is the busiest time of the year for my website design business. Second, my wife and I just

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Global Rich List

Want to put your wealth into perspective? Well, here’s a website to help you. Type in your income per year, and see where you rank in the world for your wealth. This website has a donate button, please be careful

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