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Is Church Marketing Right or Wrong?

church jesus sign

In my opinion, Church advertising is one of those gray areas. depending on which angle you look at the way some churches advertise, you can make a case for unethical practices or just poor stewardship. The hard part is figuring

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5 Reasons Why we Need a Recession

Can you think of anything positive about this recession we are in? I guess it’s kind of hard to have that “glass is half full” mentality when people are losing their jobs and losing their homes. Over the plenteous years,

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Testimony from Rory Moore

the tithe that binds

At times when i hear something good from others, i think it is great to publish it here on the blog. This testimony comes from Rory Moore, the author of “The Tithe That Binds”. His website is called, Prepare His

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Could More Money be the Answer?

Most people think that more money enables us to reach more of the world for God. We think that with more money, we can do more, and go further than before. But how true is this statement? Don’t get me

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Subversive1 Blog Post

Came across a great blog post today/tonight (it’s 1:30am). Check it out here: Subversive1. Here’s a little excerpt to give you an idea of what it mentions. Other than this, you’ll have to go to the link to read the

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