List of Pastors That Use or Own Private Jets & Mansions

List of Pastors That Use or Own Private Jets & Mansions

televangelists jetHere are the pastors and televangelists that i have found and know of that own or use Private Jets that are supposedly owned by their ministry

Name of Person who had no place to lay his head.

  • Jesus Christ (Matthew 8:20)

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125 comments on “List of Pastors That Use or Own Private Jets & Mansions
  1. PJ says:

    All I know is what the Word says and what my heart says. Until the Body of Messiah is all in wealth, it is not right to lavish upon oneself. If we are wealthy, we should share it. I think G-d WILL judge it all someday and many will be shocked at His view on it. As for my little ministry…it gives to many and we get very few donations. What G-d can do with just a little is amazing and I find that the greater miracle. I am very excited for those in the body who have wealth. I am even more excited for those in the body who have great testimonies. And what excites my heart most of all is that people continue to come into the Kingdom of Yeshua.
    If only the body would start to work as ONE body……

  2. Adrian E Byrd-pastor says:

    yes I am a pastor of the Holy Trinity church of Philadelphia INC.and I would like to know how I could become a millionaire and own my own jet and limo a mantion

    • Lynne says:

      The way the other preachers get it is to go on christian tv , where there are millions watching . Elect you a board that will let you take as big as salery as you want and start teaching that God wants you rich and if the the people will give to you they will become rich too and wait for it to roll in .

    • sharon says:

      Get a tv ministry..they are all rich

  3. Andrea says:

    The bible says that the gospel must be preached all over the world. How do you think these preachers are going to get there? Especially if The Lord is sending them. We will always have men and woman who abuse this God given privilege. We all will have to stand before the Lord one day and give an account for every word spoken out of our mouths. We don’t want to stand in judgement of some one who I don’t really know. I’ve made that mistake many times in honesty. I’ve been locked out of my email ??

    • Lynne says:

      They should use the donations that people send in totaly for the gospel and give themselves enough money for an average lifestyle and if they want to live a lavish lifestyle they should go out and get a job too, because most of them don’t really preach that many times a month and they have a paid staff that takes care of everything else . I don’t think preachers should be poor , but if they desire to live lavishly they shouldn’t do it on Gods money they should get a job .

      • Nan says:

        Quite a few pastors write books and claim the sales of these books to be their personal income. Only problem is they comingle the book sales with donations in order to avoid paying taxes, and because they do not want their congregation to know how much they are making (in the millions). Transparency is missing from most of these word of Faith preachers so it makes one wonder what else they are hiding. I think the “name it and claim it” types seem to be the most Sin filled preachers who are only in it for the money and may even be demon possessed.

        • Lynne says:

          I agree , if they write a book about themselves and their journey in life , it’s ok to keep the profits from the book , but if they are writing revelations they say God is giving them , the profits should go into the ministry , because Jesus would never get rich from revelations from God .

      • ben dafe says:

        well said Lynne.Most preachers are no longer for God but for mammon

    • Patrice says:

      Of course the gospel must be preached all over the world, and having an airplane could be a useful tool. BUT, huge mansions and more than one home, expensive cars, jewelry, expensive suits, haircuts, etc., frankly should not be part of the package especially when a pastor is preaching to a poor people in a third world country barely eking a living, living in shanties and some prosperity preacher comes and preaches that God wants them to be rich and prosper??? Ridiculous. The Joyce Myers, Creflo Dollar, Jessis Duplantis, Paula White, etc. I could fill two pages with phony prosperity false prophet preachers who will find a God who will say, depart from me I never knew you”

      • Marc says:


        Jesus preached giving away everything you have and donate the proceeds to the poor.

        He preached living for Him,and not living for material matters.

        People like Joel Olsteen and the rest of the so-called ‘prosperity gospel’ preachers will tell you that everyone will love you and you will enjoy all the earthly creature comforts, just by giving to their church.

        I take issue with that because Jesus Himself said the exact opposite. He said His followers will be hated, oppressed, and persecuted ‘for His Namesake’

    • ben dafe says:

      i beg to disagree with you.Technology has made everything easier that you do not need to travel to anywhere to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus christ.We now have the internet,social media etc if churches could have website and encourage their congregation to pay/sow seed online then the gospel could be preached without flying to ends of the world.The money for Jets could be used to help the poor.widows,orphans etc

  4. Lynne says:

    I’m not calling out any names . we arnt supposed the judge the hearts of them , just their fruit . We make judgements everyday , whether to trust someone in business , or our plumber , baby sitters . Who to hire , who to be friends with , but when it comes to respect of Gods things and money , we suddenly think we should let anyone do or say whatever they want . We don’t respect Gods business like we do our business .

  5. PJ says:

    I don’t judge anyone but myself. :) What I do know is that I must do right by what God gives me. Some have much and some have little and I don’t begrudge those that have much. I believe all of God’s servants should have much. Blessings

    • Lynne says:

      I don’t begrudge anyone that has much as long as they don’t have MUCH on Gods money. only someone also that has the same love for money could agree with them . One preacher has 750 million that they Got with donations . I’ve heard preachers in other countries say the properity preachers came in and and preached that message to unlearned people . The people gave all that they had and after they left the poor people didn’t have enough money to eat or keep the churches going that was already there . They said they would fight to keep them from coming back to their country .

    • Lynne says:

      I think everyone can have much as long as they don’t takevthe money away from what people give to the gospel to do it with . Why do they have to use Gods money to live their lifestyle .

  6. Lynne says:

    Please don’t think I leave comments on here just to have a say . I do it because I would feel guilty and would have to check my heart toward God out if I didn’t . If some charity took its donations and the head of it took the donations and padded their bank account and bought mansions with it , I would be livid and all of you would be too . I think it’s like a slap in Gods face for us to be more concerned with what a charity does with its money , but couldn’t care less what happens to Gods money that was given for minisrty , so check your heart and see if you would be more livid about someone stealing the humane society for animals donations, than you would stealing money for Gods work . If you are then you need to get saved .and stop saying we are judgeing because we love God and his work .

  7. Marc says:

    These ‘preachers’ only care about profiting off the Word of God, and not your spirituality well-being

  8. Keith Still says:

    Stop being a hater and get a life if you knew what faith was about you would know how to live a life with abundance Jesus said I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly stop being critical of these preachers we know they are good and evil and everything God do not need you to do his part stay out of God’s business and get in faith and maybe you can experience The Good Life your self Thy Kingdom Come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven There Is No Lack in heaven study your Bible and you may learn something to God be the glory for all the good things that He bless his people with!!!

  9. Lynne says:

    there are hundreds of other scriptures that say the opposite, that greedy people refuse to quote .

  10. Stanley Pendleton says:

    At church right now. The pastor want’s everyone to give $1000 for an airplane and building fund. So everything can be paid-off in 60 days. My question is. Who benefits from the airplane and the building? Will I get to ride in the airplane, will part of the building be deeded to me once the pastor passes? The only beneficiaries will be HIS CHILDREN!! He is leaving on a missions trip on Mondayto Africa. I seen the Africa trips and i have yet to see someone in need of. The pictures show a lavish Churchand huge crowds.

  11. D.M. Vath says:

    Jesus had a few things to say about money. What He said was different to who he said it to. Context is everything.
    I dont think being poor is a testimony of Gods blessing.
    If you put your trust in God He will save your soul and save you from the devices of the devil. You will experience the wisdom and the abundant life He offers immediately.
    I believe if you are in worst part of Africa, God can make you prosper.
    Abraham gave Lot the first choice in the promised land. Abraham was not a fool. God blessed him. Punch prosper in your Bible concordance… See God prosper His people!

    • Raymond Nassar says:

      D.M.Vath. It is difficult to respond respectfully to people who are so void of understanding, as you appear to be. In your world, ABUNDANT LIFE” is the fullness of all that rots to rust and worms, I do not personally believe this has anything toi do with LIFE ABUNDANTLY. You see, I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God, where gold is what we PISS ON. And it is the word of Jesus Himself to consider the cost of being a disciple of the Christ, and Jesus though He could have had in iHis possession all the riches of THIS world and its systems, what? He chose not to because He was weak in faith? an idiot? a fraud? You get cute with YOURSELF thinking you are on to something and you say “PUNCH” prosper… heartfelt word to you, PUNCH YOURSELF AWAKE out of the stupor you have allowed yourself to be induced into. You are equating the richness of the presence of the ALMIGHTY GOD with the BULLCRAP of THIS WORLD??????????? I have been doing this work of the Lord for many years, and trust me here, I have every gift of talent for presentation, for power in front of ANYONE having been an award winning stage actor and a guitarist and singer, trust this, I could be raking in the money, and when the Lord has me do that I WILL, but for you to even THINK that you have a RIGHT to VOMIT OUT GOD’s word in this fashion means that youi are SPITTING on all those that I MINISTER TO and all of those human beings that are held in this bondage to this degree that THOSE PASTORS WITH PLANES RUN AND HIDE FROM ME AND THE ONES I WATCH OVER. Furthermore the enemy wastes no time on them, because he knows they are of NO CONSEQUENCE in fighting the devil.I do not have the time right now to tell you of all the attacks to stop the work I do but if you want to IF you are capable of learning something you can find me on facebook at my name, Raymond Nassar. sincerely, I am the Preacher with Priors

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