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Tithing is For Liberals

hillary's logo used for liberal tithing

I love politics and philosophical debates about it, so right off the bat, i am NOT apologizing – this will offend many of you (Republicans & Democrats, Liberals & Conservatives). If you are a pansy and can’t take logic and reason,

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HBO Speaks the Truth About Televangelists

hbo logo

There’s more truth in this video on HBO by a comedian about the sad state of the Church than i’ve seen come from a pulpit. You may not like the vulgarity in some parts, be warned. The truth hurts sometimes,

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Benny Hinn Scandal

For those of you who want to know why Senator Grassley is investigating the Benny Hinn Scandal, here is a video that shows how Benny Hinn likes to spend God’s money. For those of you who are giving money to

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Investigating Televangelist Finances

I’m sure these slimy little weasels have covered their tracks with their finances. I mean they have enough money to hide anything. Here is the article on US News. US News stated that these “religious” organizations complaint is two-fold, “that

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Introducing the TELEVANGOLY Board Game

First, Choose your Edition   Moyce Jeyer Edition Cope Kenland Edition Dreflo Collar Edition Henny Binn Edition (CLICK TO ENLARGE AND SEE DETAILS) Now, Choose your game pieces   Finally, Start Playing  (Click board to ENLARGE and see details) Official

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