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Top Verses That Televangelists Won’t Preach

I must say that in my research for these verses, i have become convicted of my neglection on the poor and needy. I never before realized how much rebuke there was in the bible for oppressing or exploiting them. There

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Copeland Ministries’ CEO Responds To Investigation

This article was introduced to me in the tithing group. You can read about the article here. Of course most of you have heard about the senate investigations into the TBN preachers. CBS News in Dallas states, “the first time,

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Benny Hinn Scandal

For those of you who want to know why Senator Grassley is investigating the Benny Hinn Scandal, here is a video that shows how Benny Hinn likes to spend God’s money. For those of you who are giving money to

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TBN Preachers Get Ready to Buy New Private Jet

televangelists jet

Looks like a new, hot, luxury, private jet is going to be out in the market in a few years. So TBN schedule some time for your tele-thon’s, to rack in this doe. It is a hefty $58.5 million. With

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Paula White Scandal

Paula White

It’s not enough that people have to give the first fruit of their tithe, which is a scandal. Now Paula White is saying that a separate first fruit offering should be given. I’ve got a mouthful that i want to

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