Church Member Gets Shocking Letter From Pastor

Church Member Gets Shocking Letter From Pastor

I don’t have much time to write about this one, but here’s a news article that talks about a Church who is kicking out an 80-year-old, social security paid, single woman because she only paid her tithe twice this year.

See News article here

I hate that churches can keep their non-profit status after pulling stunts like this. The Church acts just like the IRS.

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19 comments on “Church Member Gets Shocking Letter From Pastor
  1. Ed says:

    I would not do what has been done here. That said…

    We are talking about MEMBERSHIP not ATTENDANCE.

    Membership comes with privileges in most churches, i.e., voting rights. If this community has decided that tithing (or giving SOMETHING) is part of what it means to be a member, i.e., having a role in deciding how church funds are spent, selecting a pastor, etc., I don’t think that this letter is the big outrage it’s being made out to be.

    The lady apparently can still attend, still partake of potlucks, still be in the quilting bee… she just doesn’t hold the full rights of MEMBERSHIP.

    And if you are going to have an institutional church, as America has come to know “the church,” you are going to have a distinction between members and nonmembers.

    Again, I do not care to be a member of a church that would do this, and I do not believe that Christians are held to the OT tithe. But I think there has been some media sensationalization of this story for their own purposes.

    • Moo says:

      I got kicked out for refusing to become a member. The English pastor said “Come on people refusing to become a member is like dating someone and refusing to get married”. And the deaconess (yes a women Baptist) had followed me, carpooled (I drove) and ate meals. They had a guy scratched my car badly, and the thug threatened heckled me for weeks till I went and told the deaconess. She took the guys side. The repair estimate was over $700, the dealer mechanic warned me that this is unusual for a stranger to scratch my car, leave just a phone number, and offer to pay all the repairs if I just reveal my home address. So, after the deaconess convinced me to give out my home address, the thug threatened to come over to my house. I got scared, angry, and got the police involved. What happened was the police told the guy to stop harassing me, pay the money to the pastor, because I didn’t want to see his face. The shocking ending- the English pastor got demoded, and transfered to elderly ministry. His henchmen or women- the deaconess gave me a Lou farewell. She said, ” Your type only comes to church to find a husband. You are upsetting me – teeth clenched, head shaking violently, looking like she is going to have a heart attack. And so I missed worship and went to another one of their church, and she had me followed and watched by one guy. The message to me was ” keep your mouth shut or else”.

  2. Jared Brian says:

    Thanks for your comment. I would disagree. First, since when did God have minimum requirements in giving to be a part of his kingdom? Second, the poor can’t afford to tithe, so should we just kick them all out of our membership?

    Sure, each church should be autonomous and independent but that isn’t a good enough cause for others to overlook how they govern part of the body of Christ.

  3. Tyehimba Jahsi says:

    When Jesus lays down the only requirement for membership in His family in Romans 10:9-“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thy heart that God hath raided Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved”-it is absolute self-righteous and self-deluded hypocrisy for any pastor to make membership in a local church family contingent upon “tithing”-which by the way ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ON EARTH TODAY CAN POSSIBLY DO IN TRUE, EXACT ACCORDANCE WITH GOD’S SPECIFICALLY WORDED LAW. God’s law was EXACT in term’s of: WHAT was to be tithed, WHEN the tithe was to be given, WHERE the tithe was to be taken, WHO the tithe was to be given to, and WHAT was to be done with the tithe! NO ONE can obey God’s tithing law because 1) there are NO LEVITES to give the tithe to, 2) NO LEVITICAL CITIES to take the tithe to, 3)NO TEMPLE STOREHOUSE in Jerusalem, and 4) NO SONS OF AARON to serve as priest to recieve from the Levites the tenth of the national tithe. Therefore, since God NEVER gave Man permission to re-word His Law to the SLIGHEST degree, ALL that is called “tithing” today is nothing more than MAN’S REDIFINING GOD’S SPECIFIC LAW AS HE (MAN) SEES FIT. And the whole “New Testament equivalents” line of reasoning is pure bunk! The modern-day preacher is NOT the “equivalent” of the Old Covenant Levite or priest (the Bible teaches the priesthood of ALL believers, not just preachers). The modern-day church building is NOT the “equivalent” of the storehouse in the Jerusalem temple. And MONEY is NOT the “equivalent” of the VERY SPECIFIC THINGS God demanded as tithes and offerings. I’m convinced that preachers who teach tithing are doing it SOLELY on the basis of SCRIPTURES TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT, and the TOTAL IGNORING OF CHURCH HISTORY!

    • I agree. The tithing issue is the first step in the slippery slope of another dangerous false gospel called prosperity. The Church needs to pull away from all this junk gospel and get back to the truth that changed the world. I am very concerned with what is going on. It is seeping into many Churches and its poison ruins the core. I am shocked that so many can’t seem to regonize it for what it is, namely “false doctrine”. I have tried to talk to my Church about it, but it fell on deaf ears. Very sad.

  4. James Burton says:

    I was in a church that required you to sign a statement that you would tithe your 10% before you could be a member. I didn’t stay very long. It was soon obvious that the pastor was into money and not saving souls. I don’t understand how a pastor can justify something like that. Have they not studied the bible? Aren’t they setting money up like a idol? One can worship anything, putting it before God. Sad.

  5. teresa says:

    hello! i have a question. i go to a very small baptist church, close by to where i live. i have been going there for a couple of years now. i dont dress up for church, and i dont get asked to be park of the churches get togethers, but the women that have kids/and kids pester not to have to dress up too. anyway, here is my question; all of the sudden lately, two people (that are on the churches pay roll), have just recently pretended to care about my salvation, (of which, i have been saved since a teen,)and are preasureing me to join the church as a member. do pastors/(or anyone on the churches pay roll) get paid more when there are more members?/ and how? my pastor has a large family to support/ and this other that asked me just got married. i have been baptised 4 times in my life/ and dont feel its something i need to do right now again,+ i the woman here dont care for me here cause of not dressing up for church, and i dont really believe all baptist. please help me to know if they would get paid more or not. thank you!

    • RobS says:

      Hi Teresa, I’m not sure of the case, but many Baptist church are independent and pretty free to operate how they please — even if they are associated with a convention group or something — it’s more often the local church may give to the association some kind of financial assistance to help the overall association work things out.  In my experience, membership often just means the ability to vote in church matters.  The pastor doesn’t get paid any differently.  Our church has a “HR” type committee that oversees the salary, benefits and compensation for all workers.  Any member can join this committee.  I think if you believe this church (members, attenders, and staff) is doing God’s mission well and you want to be a part of it, then embrace them and work for God with them.  If you have concerns about their doctrine or management of finances then you probably don’t want to be there anyhow (personally I’d have a tough time with a church financed corporate jet…)   But I would doubt the pastor is getting more if the membership is higher.  If you had 1500 attenders (not members) giving cheerfully every week, a church might have a big operating budget even if there aren’t many official “members”.  If they use that budget well for the glory of God, then great.

      I have no problem with pastors being fairly paid.  They give a lot and the ‘burn-out’ rates are tough on them and the congregations they serve.

    • mboo says:

      I know that is not the case. I am on staff at a church and it does not matter how many people are coming to church. My pay stays the same. But if less people are coming that just means I will have to believe God’s word. He said He supplies my needs according to His riches and glory. So I just have faith in his word and the money always somehow comes in. Sometimes people are over looked in church and then God places that person on someones heart and they take action. They care for you! You are a child of God and maybe He has just been preparing you for what He has next. You never know!

  6. Cocodiaz says:

    My first question to you…why are you there? (Convience is not an option) It does not sound like you are very happy there. Prayerfully seek and ask the Father to direct you to a church where you will be…1 Taught the pure Word of God 2 Appreciated 3 Explain giving according to the Word of God. (Note: Understand the reasons for tithing under the Old Covenant which was for the Jews).

    Why were baptised four time? How many times was Jesus baptised? I submit to you if you study the Word of God many questions you have will be answered. Remember God’s Word is the final authority not man made rules and regulations! Hope this helps and God bless!

  7. chrissy says:

    Wow Thank God she was kicked out, maybe now she can be freed up to read the WORD of God and know what Jesus’ heart really is.  The church isn’t a social club that we pay for privileges in…the Church is comprised of individuals that love the Lord with all their heart soul mind and strength.  Sadly the western world and well most places that are financially affluent have missed the mark on the true gospel…the Pastor isn’t there to “get paid” he’s there to be an example of a laid down life…Honestly Paul discerned the times he lived in and was a tent maker, not that he wasn’t worthy of wages or some sort of financial support, but he knew the people needed to really see a LAID DOWN LIFE for Christ…for no other purpose…for LOVE sake he laid down that right…many pastors these days love themselves to much to lay down their rights for the sake of others…but we were warned in the last days people will be lovers of self, self centered, lovers of money and aroused by an inordinate desire for wealth…they hold a FORM of true religion but reject  the power of it (profession vs. life application).   As for tithe…who in the world made the pastor the high priest of the temple in the OT?  Pastors should NEVER have eyes on WHO’s giving rather have the heart of Christ whose treasures were always heavenly…he came to preach the GOOD NEWS to the poor, set the captive free, open the eyes of the blind…not to kick you out of the kingdom cause you didn’t give him money…GROSS!  I’m broken hearted about what “church” and pastoral ministries have become…these men will be held accountable.  True religion is reaching out to the poor, the widow, and the orphans…and in that not to be seen or for any gain…but in Christ’s selfless LOVE…as it is written in 1 cor13 you can do all these things but if not done in LOVE it is NOTHING!  Let us walk in LOVE!  My suggestion would be if you know this woman to be the hands of Christ and go visit her, love her and you will be blessed with partaking in the Life of Christ…

  8. devon says:

    Also heart rendering is if you can’t find a non-tithing ‘church’ you are forced to sit at home the rest of your life with all your callings and ministries drying on the vine. Isn’t that precious?

    • devon says:

      Also the 80 year old kicked out of the church…what a beautiful witness to the world. Isn’t it already hard enough to get a sinner saved? My God!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Karen says:

    From the article: “We went to the church to speak to the pastor but no one answered the door and our repeated calls to him have gone unanswered.”
    Well that says it all. Pay up or God’s not interested, right?!

  10. Stephen Brace says:

    I’d love to play the Devil’s Advocate, maybe even become John Milton and write “L’Allegro” and “Il Penseroso” trying to idealize the antithesis of two contrasts.  We all make choices regarding what we call our “home church,” and this lady of 80 years old is no exception.  Change is inevitable, both good and bad.  People should not be stuck in a rut simply because they sat in the same pew for years when the church was in its golden age of revival to now facing uncertainty.    I am not sure who is more at fault here, the pastor in his idiocy or an old lady who perhaps hasn’t much parenting skills from the past to show how elders are to be respected.  Did she spare the rod to spoil this pastor?

  11. devon leesley says:

    ‘The thief commeth not but for to steal, kill, and destroy.’ JN10. These are hirelings. Salaried positions. A one man show held together by the false tithing system. Sad part is this. Many sold out folks have spiritual functions and gifts that will never see the light of day for they are required to sit in a pew and pay the professionals to ‘do it all’. I challenge anyone to find that construct in the N.T.. I realize many ‘pastors’ don’t realize the damage being done but are only following the traditions of men that have been around for centuries, traditions that ‘make void the word of God’.  Yet unknowingly or not they are theives as JN.10 lays out.

  12. Shelly says:

    This is quite sad and out of bounds, in my opinion.  I totally agree with @tithe’s reply back in April 19, 2008. 
    Who are we to judge for ourselves what our fellow human being is capable (or incapable) of giving?  This becomes even more blatant when we’re judged by human standards.  John 8:7
    @Devon: atrocious, isn’t it?  Really really sad.

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  13. devon leesley says:

    I spent plenty in making our movie ‘Maddy’. God said ‘Give it away freely. I Made the offer to West Side baptist Church in Omaha 3 different times with no reply. . [Yes I named it. How long must we keep protecting these wolves?] I tried something. I emailed the guy about  how could one send him a 5000.00 offering. I kid you not, in 30 seconds he wrote back asking how did I want to send it, fax or mail. I caught him with his pants down. Need I say more. Have I prayed for him you ask? Yes, once. That’s all could stomach.
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  14. Pastors should be the ones who know enough about scripture to know that Tithing was part of the Old testament law. What happens is they listen to others who twist scripture. They warn us not to fall into those kinds of traps but have fallen themselves. It is a shame.

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