Free Tithing E-book Download

Free Tithing E-book Download

One of the biggest perks of the new site is the free, new, tithing e-book. It’s not all about tithing, but it’s merely a deconstruction of tithing, and then an embracing of Spirit led giving.

There is an introduction, a preface, and eight other chapters here they are listed below. The book is about 50 pages long.

  1. First Fruits
    Explains the meaning of first fruits and the difference between the first fruit offering and the tithe
  2. Abraham & Jacob
    Describes the experiences of tithing by both Abraham & Jacob, and explains how their actions cannot be used to require tithing.
  3. Jesus on Tithing
    Goes through Jesus experiences with tithing when he confronts the Pharisees. Also an evaluation of Peter & the Temple tax and financing Jesus’ earthly ministry
  4. Eternal Principle
    An explanation of the differences between the eternal purpose of the Spirit of the law vs  the temporal purpose of the letter of the law.
  5. The Minimum Standard
    An explanation of the tithing minimum standard misconception
  6. The Local Storehouse
    Explains the purpose of the storehouse in the bible and the distortion of what it has evolved into today.
  7. The Burden of Tithing
    Describes how the tithe is more of a burden that it is a blessing
  8. Greater Giving
    This chapter discovers the true biblical form of giving that God had intended for his Church.
  9. Closing Thoughts
Download the book here. Pass it around. email it. post it on facebook and tweet it.

Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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