Lost Your Job? Get Your Offerings Back!

Lost Your Job? Get Your Offerings Back!

I just read a news article about an interesting offer made by a Unitarian Universalist fellowship. If you lose your job, you will get all your contributions back. I came across this article thanks to Do More Ministry. The actual news article is posted here at IndyStar.com.

I don’t know the theology or doctrine of a unitarian universalist, but I appreciate this type of insurance program that they offer. If one loses their job, one would hope that his fellowship could support him inĀ  some way. Doesn’t the whole definition of the word “fellowship” imply sharing?

Lately in the Church, if you lose your job, then going to the church is the last resort, if any at all. It’s nice to hear, that we’ve got “your” back covered.

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  1. Rolando estrella says:

    I would like to get some word of tithes and offerings that i can exort for my church.. Thank you

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