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The Reason Why Israel Only Tithed Food

Understanding why Israel only tithed food is one of the most important aspects in understanding giving and also one of the more profound truths about tithing. The very definition of tithing serves as a roadblock to dissecting this practice, applying it, and

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Lost Your Job? Get Your Offerings Back!

I just read a news article about an interesting offer made by a Unitarian Universalist fellowship. If you lose your job, you will get all your contributions back. I came across this article thanks to Do More Ministry. The actual

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History of Passing the Offering Plate

This is just a short blog post, but just wanted to point out an interesting article on ChristianityToday.com on the history of passing the offering plate. Check it out here. The book Pagan Christianity has a good chapter on the

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A Wolf’s Guide to Fool Sheep Into Giving

So everyone in Church has more money than you huh? Well, there’s only one way to get more for yourself. Convince others to give it to you. Here are 11 tricks you can use to convince God’s sheep to give

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