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How Not to Study Tithing

study tithing

So, you’ve come to the point where you are interested in knowing more about the controversial subject of tithing (giving a minimum of 10%). I’m guessing you are one of three types of people: You agree with tithing and you

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Atheist View of Tithing Video

Something to ponder: I know tithing is heavily preached in Churches but If only 4% in the Church tithe; then deep-down do most of us not believe in what the pastor preaches, or do we believe it but choose to

How to Know You’ve Won a Tithing Debate


Don’t get all self-righteous on me. I know that it’s not really a battle or a game to debate God’s word, but being right is fun, is it not? Who wants to be wrong? Also, who wants to spend hours

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Tithing Is For Dummies

We already know that Tithing is for Pagans and it is also for Sissies, but the practice of Tithing is also for Dummies too. Hopefully by the end of this enlightening article I’ll take you to school to wise’n up

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Mark Driscoll on Tithing (Updated)

mark driscoll

UPDATED – August 31, 2016 I originally wrote this blog post in 2013 that was highlighting Mark Driscoll’s support for tithing. But I’ve just come across a video posted august 29, 2016 of Mark Driscoll seemingly to disagree with tithing

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